World's most expensive box of chocolates on sale in Dubai

Time Out has images and information about the world's most expensive box of chocolates on sale in Dubai for National Day celebrations

If Forrest Gump was right and life is indeed “like a box of chocolates”, then spending this astronomical amount on a hamper full of bonbons may somehow be more justified.

Ready for it? Dhs35,000! In dollars, 9,528. In pounds sterling, 7,626.

“What are they made of, gold?” you’re probably screaming at the top of your voice.

And the answer is yes. 24K gold for that matter, at least the wrappers.

Boutique Le Chocolat in City Walk have recruited Swiss gold leaf and gilding specialists DeLafee to provide the final ultra-luxurious touch to a three-storey chocolate hamper which has been launched as part of the UAE’s 45th National Day celebrations.

As another measure of its exclusivity, they’re chocolate truffles, not just regular bonbons.

This is after all a very high-end store with master chocolatiers from all around the world at the helm, which explains why the starting price for hampers is Dhs500 and a more middling price tag is Dhs8000.

So is this the most expensive box of chocolates in the world?

Well, even Harrods’ Swaroski-studded chocolates are Dhs12,000 cheaper than Boutique Le Chocolat’s amazing hamper.

The only box of chocolates which is more expensive is Le Chocolat Box, selling for $1.5million. However, the price is quite clearly influenced by the fact that the box contains a huge diamond and emerald necklace, among other precious jewels.

The other contenders we’ve found are a chocolate Easter egg by chocolatier William Curley that sold for Dhs36,731 ($10,000) and the Dhs91,900 ($25,000) Frrrozen Haute Chocolate dessert at Seredipity 3 in New York, but neither are actually boxes of chocolates.

Whether Boutique Le Chocolat’s DeLafee 24K Gold Chocolate Truffles Hamper can claim to be the world’s most expensive box of chocolates we don’t know, but it certainly is a measure of how Dubai continues to be a hotspot for record-breaking lavishness.

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