Best Dubai fog pictures on Instagram

Time Out has a selection of the best Dubai fog pictures on Instagram, amazing photos of the mist wrapping around Dubai's skyscrapers

We know you all saw it when you woke up this morning!

Whether you live on the 5th or the 50th floor of your building, it was impossible to miss the thick layer of fog that covered Dubai during the early hours of today, Monday December 5.

So there you have it, even we couldn't resist the temptation of going through Instagram and finding the best #dubaifog pictures for a bit of unbeatable web gold!

It’s inevitable to get excited about any glitch in usual weather patterns. It happens in sundrenched Dubai in the same as it does in subzero Finland when there’s a glimmer of light during the dark winter months.

So let’s embrace today’s weather craze because, let’s be honest, seeing how a blanket of candy floss-like clouds wraps around Dubai’s skyscraper landscape is pretty mesmerizing.

The main downside to this eye-catching weather has been the disruptions it has caused to early morning flights at Dubai International. At least three flights were cancelled and four more were delayed between 2.40am and 6.15am.

The unusual weather conditions may have also led to a traffic accident this morning in Dubai as well.

As there is expected to be more fog in the coming days, our advice is to obviously be careful if you're driving on the roads early morning and if you're flying soon, make sure to check the status of your flight.

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