Pictures of new eL Seed mural at The Green Planet in Dubai

Time Out has details and pictures of the new eL Seed mural at The Green Planet in Dubai, at City Walk

If you’re a fan of Dubai’s street art scene, you’ve probably heard of eL Seed.

He’s the French Tunisian artist who mixes Arabic calligraphy with graffiti in a truly unique fashion.

El Seed has left his mesmerising imprint on buildings across the world, from Rio to Cairo.

In the UAE he’s transformed facades in Sharjah, at Zayed University in Dubai and even opened his own gallery on Arsekal Avenue.

He’s now produced what’s perhaps his most public Dubai artwork to date.

One of the outside walls of The Green Planet, the fantastic new rainforest centre at City Walk, is now decorated with a gigantic silver-coloured mural which which spells out the words of a poem titled Positive Spirit.

The building itself, a 45-metre-tall cube-like structure, is already pretty unique.

Each of its sides combine triangular parts that converge towards a central point with different sized circular windows dotted all around.

As if that weren’t special enough, the glistening silver spray paint el Seed has chosen changes the writing and patterns depending on the light and how close you stand to his Dubai chef-d’oeuvre.

"I am doing this for the people and for the city," el Seed told The National of his home away from home.

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