You can now drive around Dubai Mall in electric cars

Time Out reveals how you can now drive around Dubai Mall in electric cars. Here is how to book and where you can get a lift

You can now drive around Dubai Mall in electric cars

Getting around the biggest shopping mall in the world takes its toll on your legs after a couple of hours, regardless of how in shape you are.

After all, it is equivalent in size to more than fifty football fields.

So if you’re in a rush or simply want to give your feet a rest, there’s now a green and pretty cool alternative.

Two electric cars are now available for shoppers on the ground floor completely for free.

Each vehicle accommodates four guests and has its own chauffeur, before you start worrying about gangs of pesky teens getting behind the wheel and running you down!

You can book your ride at the Guest Services Desk and specify your pick up and drop off point.

Between services the two electric cars will be parked by The Waterfall Atrium, Fashion Catwalk and Grand Atrium.

They’re a free alternative to VIP buggies that are already being used at Dubai Mall as a value-add for the Personalised Shopping Experience.

And we can’t forget the driverless vehicles in operation in Downtown Dubai since August.

Built around a high-tech sensor system, the cars are fitted with a number of safety features in line with traditional automobiles. They are considered to be the first phase of a campaign to make 25 per cent of journeys in Dubai to be 'driverless' by 2030.

Visitors only have to contact the Guest Services Desk to hire the electric car. The cars will be driven by Guest Service personnel, who are specially trained for the service. The cars will be charged at the dedicated stations located by The Waterfall, set up by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

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