Man attempting trip around the world by electric car stuck in Dubai

Time Out reports on Wiebe Wakker, the man attempting a trip around the world by electric car who's stuck in Dubai due to lack of funds

Man attempting trip around the world by electric car stuck in Dubai

Dutchman Wiebe Wakker isn’t your ordinary 29 year old. Ten months ago, he set off on the mother of all journeys – a trip around the world in his electric car.

As if that weren’t challenging enough, he’s been travelling without any funds, surviving only on the help he gets through his website

But rather than financial donations, Wiebe has asked the good Samaritans of the world for three key things to support him on his voyage: a meal, a place to sleep and energy for his electric car.

‘Is there a purpose to this gargantuan challenge? you ask. As Wakker explains on his website: “Since March 2016, I’m travelling from The Netherlands to Australia by electric car to make a documentary about sustainability.

“Without any money I completely rely on the energy I receive from people around the world.

“During this journey, I will visit inspiring people, projects, companies and events to make a documentary about sustainability.

“My goal is to find out what sustainability is, to create awareness around this subject and to prove that you can do really cool things with this."

Rather than travelling in a straight line, Wiebe’s route is very much decided by where the people who have offered to help out are located.

As you can see from the map below, he’s zig-zagged his way through Europe, made it to the Middle East but is now ‘stuck’ in Dubai as he tries to make his way to Mumbai.

His team have calculated it will cost approximately Dhs12000 to ship him and his car to India’s biggest city so if you know of anyone who can sponsor him in one way or another, reach out to either us or Wiebe on his website.

As Wiebe explains in one of his YouTube vlogs, reaching India through Pakistan isn't possible as he can only get a visa in person back in his native Holland.

Alternatively, if you know someone who's involved in one of the UAE's most interesting sustainability projects, why not try to put them in touch with Wiebe for it to be featured in his documentary?

So far, 700 people from 40 different counties have contributed to making Wiebe's epic green journey possible. Can you help him?

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