Car Free Day in Dubai planned for February 5

Time Out has details as it's announced Car Free Day in Dubai planned for February 5, 2017. Including other green campaigns in the UAE

Dubai’s eighth annual Car Free Day is going ahead in less than a month, so if you want to take part, save the date: February 5!

An unprecedented 1,500 entities from the government and the private sector will be taking part this year, so the chances of beating last year’s figure of 300,000 vehicles left at home are pretty high!

Even if your company isn’t taking part, why not join the campaign of your own accord and walk, cycle or use public transport for a day?

And if you think we’re asking for too much, just know that “we get it”. Dubai is a city designed for cars.

The supersonic way in which the emirate has sprawled out, as well as the scorching summer temperatures, have meant that getting from A to B is easiest in one’s private air-conditioned vehicle, be it a Bugatti or an RTA taxi.

But the weather is perfect now and if we’re going to help Dubai authorities in their bid to start reducing high pollution levels, we’re all going to have to get involved, one baby step at a time.

According to 2015 RTA stats, for every 1000 people in Dubai there are 540 cars, making it one of the cities with the highest vehicle densities in the world.

“At 8.2 per cent, the average annual increase of vehicles in Dubai is very high,” Nasser Abu Shehab, Director of Strategic Transport Planning at RTA, said last year.

“If this same annual increase rate continues in future, the number of registered vehicles in Dubai can reach around 2.22 million vehicles in the year 2020.”

This is the Year of Giving in the UAE so even if it’s just for a day, let’s set a good example and do our bit for the environment.

Top image courtesy of Dubai-based vintage bike shop Charicycles.

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