VR Ghostbusters experience coming to The Beach

But it's way, WAY cooler than just VR!

Ever imagine yourself covered in ectoplasm taking on the Marshmallow Man? Well, as you might have predicted from the headline, you can live out your dream in a super-hyped version of VR coming to Dubai soon.

US “hyper-reality” company The Void has teamed up with Meraas to open up a proper full-on VR experience where you and your mates get to go and trap a bunch of ghosts loitering around the mean streets of New York.

It’s based on the Ghostbusters franchise, obvs, and it’s way, WAY cooler than just VR. VR is usually a sound and visual experience – immersive to an extent, but there’s a limit to the immersion with just audio and video.

The Void uses the rather buzzword-tastic aforementioned term “hyper-reality” which brings in user GPS tracking, a portable backpack PC and a vest with haptic feedback. Haptic feedback simulates the sense of feeling and the velocity of force, meaning in this game you’ll be able to physically feel your enemies when they attack you. Similar technology is being developed for gloves to allow full VR immersion and sensory tactility.

Dubai will be the first global city outside the US to roll out a Void attraction, and will combine full VR technology with a physical environment full of props and sets, as well as real-time interactive effects as players progress through the game.

Head down to The Beach at JBR from March 24th, but don’t hang around – it’s only on for a limited run.
March 24, ongoing. The Beach, JBR, www.thevoid.com.

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