Dubai alcohol licence website launches

African + Eastern launches new online application portal for Dubai residents

African + Eastern has launched a new portal designed to make acquiring and renewing an alcohol licence far easier. is designed to make the process much simpler and quicker for residents. According to African + Eastern, less than ten percent of Dubai residents who are required to hold a licence actually do so. As such, the new site is there to provide information on alcohol and licensing laws across Dubai, the requirements surrounding the licensing process, advice for newcomers, and the full process on how to acquire or renew your licence.

Many Dubai citizens don’t understand that it is a legal requirement to have an alcohol licence if they want to drink alcohol, nor do they understand the consequences of not having one. Many people do understand the law and potential ramifications, but choose to ignore it. In 2016 there were only 15,000 new licences being processed and just over 30,000 licences being renewed.

Being under the influence in public is not tolerated by the authorities, and the consequences can be far more severe for those who do not have a valid alcohol licence. The potential punishment for being under the influence without a licence can be heavy fines, loss of visa, deportation or even imprisonment depending on the offence.

African + Eastern’s website, therefore, is there to make the once convoluted process a bit easier, more convenient, but principally to make sure those who choose to drink in Dubai do so safely and legally.

Why you need an alcohol licence:
- It is an offence to buy, transport or store alcohol as a resident in Dubai without a valid licence.
- In order to obtain an alcohol licence, you have to be non-Muslim, over 21 years old and a Dubai resident with a minimum salary of Dhs3,000 per month.
- It costs as little as Dhs270 to buy an alcohol licence, which African + Eastern will refund to you in the form of reclaimable vouchers at their stores.

What you need to get your licence:
- Passport copy
- Visa copy
- Labour contract copy
- A passport photograph
- Tenancy contract copy

Head to now to get your licence sorted.

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