You can now pay RTA fees over the phone

It’s now easier to pay Dubai traffic fines, licensing and renewal fees


The RTA has opened up a call centre that allows Dubai drivers to pay fines and fees over the phone, making the process far easier.

The RTA confirmed credit card payments through its call centre will be possible by calling 800 9090. Apart from the payment of fees, users can also use the system to pay traffic fines, driver licence renewal and replacement fees, vehicle registration and replacement fees and more.

"Payment by the Credit Card through the IVR System of the Call Centre (800 9090) was first run on a trial basis for payment of traffic fines,” said Ahmed Mahboub, executive director of customer service at RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector. “After proving a success, the experiment was generalized to numerous other services.”

The system has been designed to ease the payment process, and the RTA has said its credit card payment option is totally secured and designed to minimise the risk of cyber fraud.

“The system is capable of blocking the potential of cyber fraud when the credit card is lost, and an attempted use by unauthorised persons is detected… Thus, users of this technology are assured of the highest level of security.”

The new system is all part of the Dubai Government’s Smart City drive, and pledges to serve the RTA’s aim of achieving maximum happiness for its customers.
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