You can now buy personalised, five-digit number plates

The RTA says release of plates will let residents choose significant dates

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The RTA has launched the next phase of the “Your Memorable Moments on Your Vehicle’s Plate” initiative, meaning you can now pick up U-coded number plates with a personalised date.

The availability of five-digit plates to signify important dates comes hot off the heels of the public auction opened by the RTA earlier this month on a variety of rare, sequential number plates. The RTA says it saw phenomenal uptake of plates coded S or T, so U-coded plates have been released to fulfil demand and celebrate Eid Al-Fitr.

“The Commission launched a new phase of the ‘special moments on your plates’ for code ‘U’,” the RTA said on Twitter. The initiative gives customers the opportunity to choose five number for vehicles, based on dates and important events in their lives. Like birthdays, appointments, date of marriage, graduation and other, during the period of 1967 to 2017.”

By heading to this link you can search for the plate number you’re after and the RTA will provide you with any available plates and the cost for it. U-coded plates will cost approximately Dhs1,620 each for five digits; while plates with fewer digits become far more expensive - sequential three-digit plates go for as much as Dhs500,000!

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