Updated: Someone stole Barasti’s life-sized gorilla last night

And Barasti is offering Dhs1,000 for his safe return

UPDATE: 29/06/2017 15:45 - Barasti has offered Dhs1,000 to whoever returns George to the club by the end of the day. If you know where George is, you can bring him back without reprieve and claim Dhs1,000 while you're at it!

Barasti has just opened The Lost World, its jungle-themed summer tent, as it prepares to welcome guests to its brand new Saturday brunch.

To celebrate the opening, the Lost World of Barasti party, the beach club invited guests down to check out the lush new surroundings. But, sadly, life-sized gorilla Gorgeous George, went missing, and Barasti has urged the public to find out who took George, and help return him to his rightful home.

No questions will be asked to anyone who brings him back, Barasti just want George back where he belongs. The beach club took to Instagram to put out an appeal, we can only hope the good people of Dubai are able to help return the furry friend to his jungle home.

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