Dhs400 fine for failing to belt up in a taxi

Drivers told to not begin journey until every passenger has put on seat belt

As the new traffic laws take effect, after being launched earlier this month, it has been confirmed that taxis drivers will not begin moving until all passengers have fastened their seat belts.

The updated traffic laws mean drivers will earn a Dhs400 fine and four black points for each passenger failing to wear their seat belt during a journey. As such, Dubai’s cabbies have been instructed to not embark on a journey until everyone has buckled up, following concerns raised by drivers over whether they will be fined for carrying passengers who refuse to wear a belt.

According to Gulf News, Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, assistant commander-in-chief for operational affairs at Dubai Police and director of the federal traffic council, taxi drivers have the right not to start the journey if there are passengers not abiding by the updated laws.

“Taxi drivers should be aware that all passengers need to wear the seat belt,” he said. “If a passenger refuses, the driver has the right to not move the vehicle until the passenger complies. The driver is the captain of the vehicle and he must control everything inside. Taxi drivers can persuade passengers even in the rear seats to wear the seat belt. Otherwise, they will be fined.”

It is the driver who faces a Dhs400 fine for passengers not wearing a belt, so you now have another reason to buckle up.

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