Watch – Dubai’s self-flying taxis take to the skies

Early footage shows remarkable progress being made already


The first video showing self-driving aerial taxis in Dubai has arrived, and shows that the technology is already in place to make the concept a reality.

When we first reported the news that these automated flying taxis were about to be tested in Dubai, there was an element of disbelief, but this video posted by Ehang, the company developing the vehicles, shows the incredible progress being made already. The Ehang184 vehicle can be seen floating around the site of Skydive Dubai, the testing site for the project, and near the Burj Al Arab.

It was only June when it was confirmed that Ehang184 was in development and nearing completion, although we didn’t expect to see a video demonstration less than a month later. The self-flying taxi forms part of the RTA’s plan to automate 25 percent of transportation in the city by 2030, an ambitious plan but one which appears to be moving quickly at this early stage.

The video below shows the early trials of the airborne taxis, with further trials due to take place before the end of 2017.

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