Police urge residents to report dangerous drivers

Tailgating and dangerous overtaking should be reported as soon as possible

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After the new rules on traffic offences came into effect at the start of July, Dubai Police have appealed to the public to report dangerous driving.

In a bid to further clamp down on reckless driving, police have urged motorists to report drivers who tailgate (especially at high speed), and overtake in a dangerous fashion. Gulf News reported that the police traffic department’s deputy director, Colonel Jamal Mohammed Al Bannai, has encouraged drivers to make a mental note of the offending driver’s number plate, pull over and make a report.

“If someone is tailgating your car overtakes you in a dangerous way, then you can go to the side of the road and call police on the 901 non-emergency number,” he said. “We have cameras on most of the roads and we can check if the offence happened or not.”

The changes to traffic laws came into effect at the start of July, and introduced new rules of the road, including the requirement for all passengers to wear a seatbelt – a move which means taxi drivers can now refuse a fare if passengers don’t buckle up. The new laws have also seen a decline in the number of fines being issued, with 59,777 fines given out in the first week of July in comparison to 94,964 during the last week of June.

To report dangerous driving, pull over to the side of the road, dial 901, 800 7777 or 800 4353, citing the number plate of the driver in question. Alternatively, you can email information to mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae.

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