Hire a private abra in Deira

Cruise along Dubai creek with hourly, daily or monthly rental options

Hire a private abra in Deira

You can now hire a private abra across Dubai, thanks to a new scheme launched by the RTA.

If you spend most of your time around Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai, you really should spend an afternoon around Deira’s waterways, because taking an abra ride across the river is one of the absolute joys of this city. Go at the right time of day and you can catch the sun set before or after heading into one of the many awesome authentic souks in the area. And the beauty of the abra is that it only costs Dhs1 to ride. In terms of value for money, it might well be the best this city has to offer.

According to the RTA, a range of new, motorised abras are hitting the water, and you and 20 of your buddies can rent one for an hour, a day, or even a month, depending on how hydrophilic you’re feeling.

It’s open to all, although it doesn’t necessarily come cheap. It’ll cost you Dhs580 for an hour, Dhs5,100 per day – and if you are planning on renting one for a month, set aside Dhs151,800. That’s an awful lot of cruising along the waterways, but there are many, many worse ways to spend a day or 30.

Head over to the RTA’s website for more information, by clicking here.

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