Dubai launches fire-fighting drones

Drones to help with support and operations for tackling tower fires

Dubai launches fire-fighting drones

If there’s one thing Dubai loves, it’s getting its hands on some shiny new tech, and finding a brilliant new use-case for it.

Whether it’s Dubai Police’s fully automated robotic officers (usually found on patrol around the Burj Khalifa area), or the RTA’s ongoing work with the autonomous aerial taxi – which recently conducted more advanced trials on its self-flying capabilities – Dubai is in the midst of a new era of technology.

Now, Dubai has announced the launch of a new fire-fighting drone, which will be joining the Dubai Civil Defence team. The drone (renderings of which can be seen in the video below) is due to come in to provide “fire-fighting support, operations and monitoring”.

In the video below, we can see the drone taking off when a fire alarm is raised, before flying through Downtown Dubai seemingly using heat detection to navigate its way to the location of the fire. It also looks as though the drone will be equipped with the technology to target and help extinguish fires in high-rise towers.

With so many brilliant technology projects ongoing, we can’t wait to see what Dubai looks like in the next few years.

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