Virtual Reality Park to launch in The Dubai Mall

New Emaar attraction to host games, VR experiences and more

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This is a big, big, big deal for gamers.

Emaar is calling it a first-of-its-kind attraction, and we’re not sure if there are many entertainment destinations in Dubai that have gone this ambitious before.

The VR Park is an all-new attraction, setting up in The Dubai Mall, based purely on virtual reality. With a huge array of games, rides and experiences, the park is trying to target all levels of gamer – from veterans to those with a passing interest.

Emaar says the park has been “specifically designed to offer something for everyone, with attractions appealing to all interests, across adrenaline, horror, leisure and more”.

And we’re super excited already.

But it’s more than just a glorified arcade – there are due to be immersive rides, educational/infotainment journeys, as well as interactive games, and even a VR roller coaster. Games will be multiplayer, where you and a friend can share and interact with each other in game.

It sounds sort of like an expanded version of The Void: Ghostbusters – an experience which temporarily set up in JBR’s The Beach just under a year ago.

Set to open in the coming months (in the first half of 2018), the VR Park will be set across two levels of the mall. It will combine virtual reality with augmented reality to create an out-of-this-world experience, and we just can’t wait.

Check out the video below, because there’s tonnes to do, by the looks of things.

Coming first half 2018, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai

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