Banan Beach: Dubai's secret retreat with tents and chalets

Bed down with campfires, yoga and watersports in Jebel Ali


Ever feel like having a break from the hustle and bustle of Dubai life and embracing your inner hippy?

Now you can – without even leaving the city.

Banan Beach gives you the ‘best of Dubai hospitality’ - from your very own tent on the beach.

The secret camping resort is all hammocks, campfires, yoga and beachside chills, and best of all, it’s just 20 minutes’ drive from Dubai Marina in Jebel Ali.

The resort puts on full-moon yoga, and serves up wood-fired pizza that makes the cold beans of your childhood camping days look offensive.

The brightly coloured rows of triangular-shaped tents look down on to the shores of the Arabian Gulf, which are strewn with hammocks and swings facing out onto the water.

The Instagram possibilities are endless, although we imagine you’ll be ditching your phone in the pursuit of mindfulness… or maybe not.

If you want to get the blood pumping with some sports, you can try your hand at 12 different watersports or give beach volleyball a whirl.

Alternatively you can relax on a fire-side beanbag while feasting on some smoky barbecue meats - or find a serene spot for some beachside meditation.

If bedding down on the beach isn’t quite to your standards, then you can opt for chalet accommodation, which ranges from rustic and quaint to some pretty upmarket options.

We’re off to burn all of the materialistic possessions we own. Peace out.

From Dhs350 (tents, per night) from Dhs1,000 (chalets, per night). Banan Beach, Jebel Ali (050 501 6413).

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