Dubai Mall launches sleep pods for tired shoppers

Feeling tired from all that shopping? A quick nap is just the ticket

Tired shoppers can finally get a well-deserved nap at The Dubai Mall’s new Sleep Pod Lounge.

That’s right. You can take a break in between purchases for a quick refresh.

Napping in the pods is priced at Dhs40 per hour, or you can get three hours for Dhs95. If you feel that just isn’t enough then it's Dhs20 for every extra hour.

Each pod comes with adapters and sockets so you can charge your phone while slumbering.

They are also long enough to stretch out comfortably and each has a shutter to block out any light. For maximum snooze-factor, you can even rent out a pillow for Dhs10.

But you'll need to be quick as there are just 12 pods available on the second floor near grand parking.

Napping seems to be something of a craze lately. IKEA also recently launched a sleep truck, for those seeking a quick rest while on the go.

The Swedish retailer says too many of us don’t get enough sleep, and that we need a lot more.

It’s all based on research conducted in the UAE earlier this year, in which one in three of us (out of 4,600 polled), said we miss out on a number of hours of sleep per night, and that we’d like to reclaim about two-and-a-half hours’ worth of sleep every year.

Those days of being left worn out by the 1,200 shops in The Dubai Mall could have come to an end.

From Dhs40 per hour. Open daily Sun-Wed 10am-11pm, Thu-Fri 10am-midnight. The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai,

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