Udrive pay-per-minute car rental is now available in Sharjah

The car-sharing app has expanded its services with 100 cars


Have you ever wanted to hire a car without paying for a full day? Well you're in luck – because a pay-per-minute rental service has launched in Sharjah.

Udrive will initially provide 100 vehicles as part of its plan to offer smart and innovative transport modes in the emirate.

Developed as a smartphone service, Udrive has been offering affordable car rental services across Dubai since January 2017.

It now has plans to further expand in Abu Dhabi and the northern emirates too.

The service in Sharjah will be available at 50 fils per minute and drivers can pick up vehicles across the city.

Cars can be booked and reserved via the dedicated app, offering vehicles to easily hop right into.

With keyless access and the ability to park for free across permitted areas of the city, Udrive is quite a convenient way to get around.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about topping up on gas, as petrol is free of charge.

Udrive chief executive Haseeb Khan told Gulf News: “The demand is very high for car-sharing services.

“At the moment we have 600 trips per day in Dubai, which means six different people are driving a particular car per day on an average. This has helped in reducing congestion and pollution enormously.”Since launching in January 2017,  the service has seen more than 20,000 registered customers and currently records 600 trips per day.

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