Dubai’s coldest places, Netflix binges and takeaway fails

The chilliest hangouts you need to seek out when summer comes calling

What’s the nicest smelling place in Dubai?

That’s a question we never thought we’d ask, but you’d be surprised how many nasal treats there are around town. Whether it’s the baked aisle at Carrefour, wet tarmac when it rains or some rotisserie chicken on the street, there’s plenty about.

As always, the Time Out Dubai podcast is on hand to tackle the big questions – and this week’s episode of Straight From The Camel’s Mouth is no different.

The Time Out Dubai team, with Editor-in-Chief Holly Sands, Digital Editor Scott Campbell, Music & Nightlife Editor Tim Skinner, and Deputy Editor Amy Mathieson chat about the latest Netflix to help get you through summer, and which takeaway feasts you need to help double down on the binge watching and eating marathon.

Also, just in time for summer, we go through the city’s coldest places, and Holly regales her epic (read, absurd) seven-hour, 17km, mid-July bus stop air-con marathon down Jumeirah Beach Road.

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