You can now ride in a Tesla with Careem in Dubai

Turquoise electric cars launched by ride-hailing app in Dubai

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Those wanting to travel green can now book a Tesla Model S with Careem, with the ride-hailing app introducing a new fleet of electric cars.

Users of the app can now get a ride using the “Careem Electric” service, which promises an environmentally friendly ride around town in the swanky new cars.

Similar to the service launched in Dubai by Uber last year, the cars will be available anywhere across the city, and adds to the city’s growing focus on green energy initiative. Last year, the RTA brought in 50 Tesla Model S and X cars to add to its fleet, and each car is built with the ability to self-drive, meaning at some point before too long, you might be able to ride around the emirate without a driver behind the wheel.

Exciting stuff, eh? The RTA has pledged to expand its fleet to 200 Teslas over the next two years, and while we expect Careem to also expand on its offer in the near future, no further plans to grow the fleet have been announced just yet.

You can, however, enjoy the new range of Teslas now on Careem Electric, and get picked up in a shiny, turquoise car today.

“Bringing customers the choice to book a more environmentally friendly option is something we feel very strongly about,” said Clemence Dutertre, general manager of Careem in the UAE. “We think our customers are going to get very excited about this new option on the app.”

Rides start with a minimum fare of Dhs60, and are available for you to book now.
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