Dubai ranks higher than London and New York in quality of life

A new report shows that Dubai is one of the best places to live in the world

We love our city so it’s no surprise to us that Dubai wiped the floor with the likes of London, Paris and New York when it comes to quality of life.

A new report by Deutsche Bank ranked Dubai as number 18 out of 50 in a quality of life index.

The cities were graded on eight measurements including quality of healthcare, cost of consumer goods and housing affordability, which was measured by the ratio of property price to income.

Throw in year-round sunshine, amazing restaurants, glorious beaches and top nightlife and it’s no wonder that Dubai ranked so highly.

Other factors considered included safety, climate and traffic, and each city’s cost of living was calculated using prices for consumer goods, groceries and rent.

Dubai’s cost of living was 22 compared to London’s 40, Paris’ 42 and New York’s 47.

Cities with the best quality of life were Wellington, New Zealand, Zurich, Switzerland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Edinburgh, UK and Vienna, Austria.

Following suit were Helsinki, Finland, Melbourne, Australia, Sydney, Australia, Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands at number 10 – but in our opinion nowhere tops our fair city, and we’ll stick with Dubai, thanks.

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