See Dubai's incredible transformation from space over the past 34 years

The pictures come from NASA and show the city in 1984

The city that we live in is nothing short of a sprawling metropolis – home to the tallest building in the world, the tallest hotel in the world and the world’s biggest shopping mall.

So accustomed have we grown to skyscrapers and dazzling lights that it’s easy to forget that mere decades ago our city was little more than a sandy expanse.

These images from space show Dubai 34 years ago and the remarkable transformation that has went through to become the destination that it is today.

The pictures come from NASA and show Dubai in 1984. They were taken by the space agency's Landsat programme.

The second picture was taken in 2017, and shows just how much Dubai has altered, with the addition of artificial land, buildings and ports.

We told you recently about how Dubai wiped the floor with the likes of London, Paris and New York when it comes to quality of life. And these pictures are a good indictor as to why people from around the world flock to the city.

The report by Deutsche Bank ranked Dubai as number 18 out of 50 in a quality of life index.

The cities were graded on eight measurements including quality of healthcare, cost of consumer goods and housing affordability, which was measured by the ratio of property price to income.

Other factors considered included safety, climate and traffic, and each city’s cost of living was calculated using prices for consumer goods, groceries and rent.

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