Summer cinema experiences to try, plus Barasti’s dinosaur-themed tent

All that and more on this week’s episode of the Straight From The Camel’s Mouth podcast

Wondering how to beat the heat this summer?
There are few better ways of beating the heat in the middle of summer than by kicking back and taking in a brand-new blockbuster in the cool, dark surroundings of Dubai’s top cinemas.
With the brand-new Jurassic Park movie out this summer, plus The Incredibles 2 and even more Marvel-mania with the arrival of Ant-Man and The Wasp all on the big screen this season, there are plenty of cinema deals out there, including one odeon offering up a “seven-star” experience.
In this episode of Straight From The Camel’s mouth, Tim Skinner, Head of Video Content, Amy Mathieson, Deputy Editor and Scott Campbell, Digital Editor, go through the top cinema experiences in town, and talk about everything going on at Barasti’s new, dinosaur-themed summer tent.
While Amy runs through some of the brilliant new bars and restaurants arriving in town, Scott gets himself tangled up in knots trying to get his head around the concept of Jurassic Park as a movie.

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