Where to watch July's total lunar eclipse in Dubai

These are the best areas to see it happening across the city

Where to watch July's total lunar eclipse in Dubai

The longest eclipse of the 21st century is almost upon us – and Dubai is one of the best places in the world you can watch it from.

Experts say the city is one of the top five places on the planet to watch the total lunar eclipse, which will occur on Friday July 27.

The eclipse will begin at 11.30pm and will end at 1.13am, and the best place to view it will be inland where it is less likely to be cloudy.

The places most likely to be clearest on July 27 are areas like Jumeriah Village Circle, or you could head to one of Dubai’s many rooftop spots to get a good look at the action.

The moon’s orbit carries the natural satellite through Earth’s shadow cast by the sun.

Throughout the month the moon moves deeper towards the centre of the shadow and then out away from it, causing the various phases and shapes of the moon.

During a full moon, the moon is completely lit up by the sun and totally out of the shadow of the Earth.

A new moon then occurs when the glowing orb completely moves into the shadow and disappears from sight.

But about twice a year something unusual happens and the moon passes through the centre of Earth’s shadow, the umbra, in just one night, creating a total lunar eclipse.

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