Tashkeel art exhibition

Tashkeel, the city’s finest arts incubator, is showcasing a diverse range of works from our emirate this summer

Florence Pilkington, 17, British
Florence Pilkington, 17, British
Jean Charles Yaich, 62, French
Jean Charles Yaich, 62, French
Maitha bin Demithan, 21, Emirati
Maitha bin Demithan, 21, Emirati
Joshua Watts, 32, American
Joshua Watts, 32, American

Tashkeel, founded by Lateefa bint Maktoum, helps to nurture some of the top artistic talent in Dubai, and this summer the gallery is showcasing work from its teachers and students, as well as from artists who use the hub as a workspace. We’d recommend navigating your way through the leafy streets of Nad Al Sheba to see jewellery, textiles, mixed-media painting and photography in the aptly named exhibition, ‘Made in Tashkeel’.
The group show continues until September 16

Jean Charles Yaich, 62, French

Teaches painting at Tashkeel
Time in Dubai: One year
His process: ‘After a classic preparation of linen, I install several layers of paper – wrapping paper or traditional Japanese paper – which serve as a basis for the oil painting. I use precious materials, sometimes gold leaf, which add sophistication and style to the painting. The technique of glace (transparent colour in layers) gives a subtle tonality.’
His message: ‘That Dubai can also be a source of inspiration and creation through its rich and culturally diverse environment.’

Florence Pilkington, 17, British

Took the InDesign course at Tashkeel
Time in Dubai: 13 years
Her process: ‘I found a number of locations around Sharjah to use as backdrops for these digital photographs. I wanted to choose surreal locations for the ballerina, using dislocation as an inspiration.’
Her message: ‘These pieces explore the idea of being ‘out of place’. I placed a ballerina in a desert and in a half-finished contemporary building – by doing so, the ballerina can now be seen as something other than a performer. The locations and contexts of the photographs show the difficulties and struggles that a ballerina must go through in her career. The figure can be seen as a ballerina or as a metaphor for people in general.’

Joshua Watts, 32, American

Teaches silkscreen, relief printmaking and pronto plate lithography courses at Tashkeel
Time in Dubai: Two years
His process: ‘I use gum dichromate photography on wood panels. As well as photos, I use acrylics, drawing, silkscreen, collage and sewing.’
His message: ‘This is my interpretation of a conversation on a sidewalk in Florence one summer. As residents walked by and tourists snapped pictures, two men were engaged in intense conversation: representing a timeless opposition, the pessimist and the optimist.’

Maitha bin Demithan, 21, Emirati

Uses Tashkeel as a workspace
Time in Dubai: Her whole life
Her process: ‘This piece, ‘Chimes’, developed from previous studies I did on henna and fabric designs. I decided to use a transparent medium where the patterns would overlap and show what is underneath – these are clear engraved acrylic tanks. Each structure is given depth through the addition of water: that which gives life.’
Her message: ‘This piece was inspired by diamonds. Each facet of a diamond presents a new interaction of light and shade. Likewise, we share different facets of ourselves. The water in the structure creates an illusion of mirrors reshaping the patterns constantly. We are never the same people – we grow each day.’

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