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See 'Fragile' exhibition at 1x1 Gallery

Thursday 5

Art Emirati
This local exhibition showcases established Emirati artists Farid Mohammed Al Rais, Mattar Bin Lahej and Khalid Ali Al Jallaf, each of which has a varying style.
Until January 15. Art Couture, Al Badia Golf Club, Dubai Festival City (04 601 0101).

This powerful group exhibition explores the delicate state of the world today and encourages the viewer to stop and observe the day-to-day things that bring light into our lives. Artists on show include Alireza Fani, Kaif Ghaznavi, Mohsen Sadeghian and Pooja Iranna.
Until January 12. 1x1 Art Gallery, Warehouse 4, Al Quoz 1 (04 341 1287).

Sharjah Biennial 10: Film and Audio Commissions
This exhibition features seven films and three audio works by filmmakers including Karim Aïnouz, Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia and Rania Stephan. Some of these filmmakers were invited to make a new short film using conceptual keywords such as treason, affiliation, corruption, devotion and translation.
Until January 14. Sharjah Art Museum, Arts Area, Sharjah, (06 568 5050).

Sharmila Dance Gala
A performance by UAE’s leading dance company will showcase a variety of dance forms including ballet, contemporary, jazz, salsa, tango and hip hop. Starring guest performers from the renowned Stuttgart Ballet Company, dancers will also be performing Sleeping Beauty’s classic pas de deux.
From Dhs145. 6pm and 8.30pm. Centrepoint Theatre, Ductac, Mall of the Emirates (04 341 4777).

Ziad Dalloul
This Syrian painter’s works feature domestic objects such as chairs and tables placed in sparse but virile landscapes. He uses materials such as ink, sepia and hand-made paper.
Until January 5. Green Art Gallery, Street 8, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz (04 346 9305).

Friday 6

Join the Festival Friends ahead of the Festival of Literature
Enjoy discounts and rewards for both the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in March 2012 as well as events in the year-round programme at Dar Al Adaab in Bastakiya. The three levels of benefits include discounted tickets, priority bookings, lounge access and invitations to events.
For more info and to enrol, visit

Saturday 7

Self Portraits and Portraits
Featuring the artworks and self portraits of four Tehran-based women including Soodeh Bagheri, Shideh Tami, Ahoo Hamedi and Shahla Hosseini Barzi. The artists use distinct brush strokes and light effects to reveal their vulnerabilities.
Until January 10. Total Arts at the Courtyard, Street 4, Al Quoz (04 347 5050).

The Dreamer and The Poet
Featuring the artworks of a selection of Arabic and Iranian artists, this group exhibition illustrates how those involved have applied local themes and culture to their own interpretive visual language. Artists include Asal Fallah, Abdallah Akar, Lalla Essaydi and Hosein Fasih.
Until January 20. Pro Art Gallery, Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road (04 345 0900).

Throw Your Symbols on the Wall Palestinian artist
Jeffar Khaldi presents a symbolic collection of works that hint at current events in the media, film and YouTube clips. Khaldi uses paint and spray paint on paper: in one piece he fuses images of Libyan rebels with stills from the movie Mad Max.
Until January 12. Gallery IVDE, Street 8, Al Serkal Avenue, Unit 17, Al Quoz 1 (04 323 5052).

This solo show features the captivating works of emerging Iranian surrealist artist Arezu. In this exhibition, she uses black-and-white photography to depict portraits of the female form as well as the concept of flight and space.
Until January 12. XVA Gallery, DIFC (04 358 5117).

Sunday 8

40 Poems from the Desert
This exhibition features the works of 20 artists and was launched following the UAE’s 40th National Day. It’s a collection of 40 artworks that have been inspired by each of the poems within the book 40 Poems from the Desert, and the works sit alongside each other in the gallery.
Until January 13. The Ara Gallery, Burj Plaza, Downtown Dubai (04 454 2784).

Inspirationalists: Khalid Shafar
This solo exhibition features furniture pieces, predominantly timber and woodwork, inspired by the artist’s Emirati heritage and Dubai’s past and present. Pieces included in the exhibition are a palm trunk inspired coat stand and a crate that can be used as a side table, corner table or coffee table by a slide of the top layers.
Until February 4. The Pavilion Downtown Dubai, Emaar Boulevard (04 447 7025).

Monday 9

Dirty Laundry Syrian artist
Tammam Azzam presents a solo exhibition of canvases featuring rope, clothes pegs and other found objects, which feature in silhouettes on dark backgrounds to appear almost like a photo negative.
Until January 26. Ayyam Gallery, Gate Village Building 3, DIFC (04 439 2395).

Geopolitics of Roots: No Man’s Land
In this exhibition, celebrated Iranian video and performance artist Ghazel comments on identity and the metaphoric concept of space.
Until January 8. Carbon 12, Street 8, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz (050 464 4392).

Still Nature
Lebanese artist Zena Assi presents an exhibition celebrating the ancient Greek art form of still life. She uses bouquets and sculptures to comment on the physical ‘sitting’ nature of the subject to symbolise the way in which society lets go of its will to act, and therefore becomes a lifeless form.
Until January 10. Art Sawa, Gate Village 8, DIFC (04 386 2366).

Tuesday 10

Creer Pour Exister
View an exhibition by the only living painter from the generation of Côte d’Azur artists Maurice Frido. The landscape painter has documented his travels in the UAE with a body of work that captures the sun, sand and sea.
Until January 21. Aspen Cafe, Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates (04 409 5999).

Artist Izdeyar Setna presents this moving photography exhibition in which he captures the raw emotion of those living in the war-torn streets of Karachi in Pakistan.
Until January 12. The Third Line, Street 6, Al Quoz (04 341 1367).

Marie Marie, The Devil in Me has Taken You for a Ride
This solo exhibition by Lebanese painter Marwan Sahmarani is a complex personal insight into the artist’s own journey into fatherhood. It covers the conflict he feels as an artist to be more detached, when as a father he desires more involvement.
Until February 16. Lawrie Shabibi, Unit 21, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz (04 346 9906).

Wednesday 11

Acclaimed Turkish photographer Nazif Topçuoglu presents a series of playful and theatrical images, showing young women in medieval-style settings. His works depict a nostalgic view of youth and one’s desire to relive their prime, while also commenting on perceived and conventional ideas of adult life.
Until March 5. Green Art Gallery, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz (04 346 9305).

Drift: an exploration of urban and suburban landscapes
This Sharjah exhibition, curated by Sharjah Art Foundation president Hoor Al Qasimi, features 10 contemporary artists including Hala Al-Ani, Tarek Al-Ghoussein, Kader Attia, Doug Henders, Bouchra Khalili, Hiroyuki Masuyama, Hrair Sarkissian and Zineb Sedira. Collectively, the works suggest new, fresh ways of discovering and viewing the urban and suburban landscapes we encounter in our daily lives.
Until January 14. Sharjah Art Museum, Arts Area, Sharjah, (06 568 5050).

Parergon Iranian Canadian artist
Babak Golkar’s first solo exhibition in the region is a series of sculptures and inanimate objects that, when viewed from a different angle, appear as well-known architectural designs, such as the Taj Mahal and Hagia Sophia. Worth a look.
Until January 12. The Third Line, Al Quoz 3 (04 341 1367).

Space Forward
Citing artists Roland Barthes and Marcel Proust as inspirations, Austrian photographer Birgit Graschopf uses her medium to explore public and private space in a series of black and white photographs. Tonight, to mark the opening of the exhibition, the artist will put on a special performance that’s free to the public.
Until February 12. Carbon 12, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz (050 464 4392).

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