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What not to miss at sixth installment of art festival

Wednesday 21

Art Dubai
This week the sixth instalment of Art Dubai will launch in the city, as 75 galleries (including New York City-based The Pace Gallery and the Paris-based Gallerie Perotin) from 32 countries will attend the city’s premiere cultural event running from Wednesday March 21 to Saturday March 24. Five hundred artists will be involved with the event this year, while the free discussion-based Global Art Forum_6 will run artist and author talks covering topics such as literature, film, journalism and politics. Until March 24. Art Dubai is free to ladies only on Wednesday, while the rest of the week the fair will be open to everyone.
Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50. Global Art Forum_6 presentations are free. Open Wed 11.30pm-5pm; Thu 2pm-9.30pm; Fri noon-5pm; Sat noon-5pm.

Art Dubai Ladies’ Day
This women-only preview to Art Dubai will feature tours by art experts and prominent curators.
11.30am-2pm. Free. Madinat Conference Centre.

Cartier Naturellement Tour
The purveyor of luxury jewellery has teamed up with French landscape artist Christophe Ponceau to produce a nature-inspired jewellery-style setting featuring dazzling flora, fauna and wild animals, accompanied by lighting and sound. They will also display an elaborate jewellery installation made by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes, which incorporates precious stones and pearls. A must-see.
Noon-3pm. Madinat Conference Centre. Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

The Third Line at Art Dubai
The contemporary Al Quoz-based gallery will hold a booth at Art Dubai, showcasing the painted collages of Iranian artist Amir H. Fallah, figurative paintings by Hayv Kahraman and Laleh Khorramian’s monoprints and drawings. Booth A18, Madinat Conference Centre.
Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

Cabaret Crusades: History through the Eyes of Film and Literature
Running as part of the Global Art Forum_6 programme, contemporary art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist will run this discussion featuring renowned Lebanese author Amin Maalouf, whose novel The Crusades Through Arab Eyes inspired Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2012 winner Wael Shawky’s animation film Cabaret Crusades: The Horror Show Files. Discussion will focus on the differences in depicting the Crusades through Arab and English-speaking news media.
3.15pm. Global Art Forum_6.

Fort Island, Madinat Jumeirah
Marker tour Want to see art from the tropics? Join Yogyakarta-born curator and art journalist Alia Swastika in this tour that aims to shed light on Indonesia’s growing arts scene. Five Indonesian galleries will be on display, including Ark Galerie, Biasa Artspace, Galeri Canna, D’Gallerie and Jogia Contemporary.
6.30pm-7pm. Register at Marker desk, Arena Foyer, Madinat Jumeirah. Also running the same time on Friday and at 1pm on Saturday. Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

Thursday 22

Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2012 tour
Curated by Nat Muller, this tour will focus on the winners of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2012 and will feature the works of artists including Taysir Batniji (Palestine), Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige (Lebanon), Wael Shawky (Egypt), Risham Syed (Pakistan) and Raed Yassin (Lebanon). 6pm-6.30pm. Register at VIP Desk, souk entrance of Madinat Jumeirah.
Also running at 6pm on Friday. Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

Performance by Koken Ergun
Turkish artist Koken Ergun presents a performance-style project in collaboration with The Fridge and UAE-based duo, vocalist Melissa Le Rue and pianist Stoyan Stoyanov. The nightly shows will feature a surprise element and combine easy-listening music with commentary.
4.30pm-5pm. Madinat Ballroom Terrace. Also running at 7pm on Wednesday and 7pm on Friday. Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

Performance night at Art Dubai
UAE-based poets, musicians, academics, curators and collectors converge in this collaboration between Art Dubai Projects and Traffic. Those involved include Hala Al Ali, Anahita Razmi, Lantian Xie and WolfPakistan: an ‘Indian Slash Mexican’ dance rap group with fake instruments that don’t actually make any sound. We’re intrigued.
8pm-midnight. Fort Island, Madinat Jumeirah.Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

The Breakup
A fascinating presentation by US-based artist Michael Rakowitz, whose 2010 multi-media project ‘The Breakup’ dissects the split of The Beatles in an effort to artistically understand the elements that led to their break up as a whole.
3.15pm. Global Art Forum_6. Fort Island, Madinat Jumeirah.

Valued: News and the Markets of Art and Finance
This discussion will feature Financial Times art market correspondent Georgina Adam and author Parag Khanna as they reveal how global accessibility to news and information affects the art marketplace.
2pm. Global Art Forum_6. Fort Island, Madinat Jumeirah.

Friday 23

Arshafa E3lamiya: Middle East New Archive
UAE-based writer Mariam Wissam Al Dabbagh has collated a present-day archive about the way in which news is reported in the East and West, and how events are portrayed by Arabic and English news media.
2pm. Global Art Forum_6. Fort Island, Madinat. Jumeirah.

Children’s workshop: From Morocco to the Moon by Yto Barrada and Zid Zid Kids
Think you may be harbouring the next Dali? Foster your offspring’s talents with this fun interactive family workshop designed by Tangiers-based artist Yto Barrada. Inspired by ’50s sci-fi, and featuring astronauts, aliens, robots and ray-guns, the other-worldly space offers specially-made furniture, fun play objects, film projections and workshops supervised by top artists. 2pm-3pm. Water terrace. Limited capacity, sign up at the Information Desk or Art Dubai Projects Desk.
Also running at 5pm on Thursday and 2pm on Saturday. Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

DXB Store
This pop-up retail outlet will feature specially-designed products from artists and designers including Adnan Arif, Brussellssprout, Alia Al Shamsi and Dogboy. Items on display include iPad cases, clutches, T-shirts, bags and furniture. Open daily throughout the fair. Johara Foyer, Madinat Arena.
Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

Power Less: Art vs Media
This discussion, hosted by Delfina Foundation director Aaron Cezar, senior editor of Bidoun Negar Azimi, and artist Huda Lufti, will touch on the role of art in a world where news is changing how we’re informed about political change and where that leaves art.
4.15pm. Global Art Forum_6. Fort Island, Madinat Jumeirah.

Saturday 24

Narrating the Broadcast Bosnian artist
Isak Berbic presents an online performance of his recent work ‘Narrating the Broadcast’, in which he reported on the news coverage on the revolutions in Egypt and Libya. Related videos including The Battle for Petra and Brief Histories, will also be on show.
3.30pm. Global Art Forum_6. Fort Island, Madinat Jumeirah.

Performance by Carlos Celdran
Each night of the fair, Manila tour guide, cultural activist and Filipino performance artist Carlos Celdran will perform seven different acts in different locations, each of which will touch on how art, culture and geopolitics are related. 4.30pm-5.30pm. Meeting point in the Madinat Arena Foyer. Book a place on this tour at any of the information desks.
Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

The Hatch
Head to this stairwell-turned-screening room to check out video installations plus talks by artists. During its Art Dubai schedule, the Hatch will also screen rare films from the modern art movement in Iran. Bettina Corke’s documentary The Poet and The Philosopher covers the history of sculpture in Iran. 12pm-5pm. Also running at 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 12pm on Friday. Madinat Conference Centre.
Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

UBIK’s Portrait of an Artist through his Statements
This edible project by Dubai-based emerging Indian artist UBIK (whose works are often on display at Al Quoz gallery Traffic) will use fortune cookies to comment on the continually complicated (and often tumultous) relationship between an artist and their finances. Madinat Conference Centre.
Tickets can be bought on site for Dhs50.

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