Bloomingdale's fashion show in Dubai

Columnist Hatty Pedder soaks up atmosphere at hot show


Where: Bloomingdale’s fashion show at Armani Hotel Dubai
When: Wednesday September 26

I arrived at the show with my blog buddy Marcela Danielova – and the worst headache ever. Thankfully, I managed to forget about it as I soaked up the lavish atmosphere. It was obviously a hot show, as testified by several dramatic tantrums that were thrown as people tried to get in without tickets. There were lots of snarky ‘What do you mean it’s invite only?’…

Somehow, we managed to bag seats on the front row. Fantastic! I didn’t recognise many people – it turned out all our friends were actually attending the next show – but it felt good to be on the celeb frontline anyway.

After such a great start, we were both really impressed by the slick production. The runway was created from a futuristic-looking glass platform with a metal caging structure underneath. At the far end was a door featuring a massive bolt, from which I assumed the models would emerge.

Suddenly, male dancers appeared and began performing up and down the ramp with torches. In between the dancers’ flips, on the opposite side of the runway I spotted a rather dapper-looking Dan Bolton from Bareface, who had organised the spectacle. Nice one, Dan!

The dancers somersaulted towards the bolted door and wrenched it open. Everyone gasped as smoke gushed out. Once it settled, a row of models were revealed (pictured far left). I was happy to note that the heels were all high and that the gorgeous Willy Cartier (the face of Givenchy) was still in town, this time with his long mane tied back in a ponytail.

On my way out, I spotted a few friends who were going to the next show, including the newly blond Michael Amazona Del Mar (I’ve been wanting to ink him for ages!). I whizzed over and snapped a couple of pics of him chatting with Marcela; two perfect muses together. Michael (a fashion stylist and events producer at Dubai studio Ikon) radiates star quality, and while chatting with him we were interrupted by an excited lady who wanted to know who he was. ‘Is he famous?’ she wondered. I got the feeling this happens quite a lot to the effortlessly elegant Michael.

Next week: Essa Wallah’s collection at Studio 8.

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