In the studio: Shefali Ranthe

Dubai-based artist, Shefali Ranthe, talks about inspiration, aspirations the joy of life.

In the studio

In our continuing series of locally based artists, Time Out speaks to Shefali Ranthe as she opens a new show at Sahary Gate in Bastakiya.

Joy of life? How long have you been in Dubai?
Well I’ve been in Dubai since February, but this series came out of teaching art in a kindergarten in Denmark two years ago. It’s about life, joy, imagination, fantasy. I’ve tried to create a series of paintings that make people happy when they look at them. The purpose is to give us all positive energy and inspiration, which children often have so much of.

Where do you head for inspiration?
I see things here that inspire me all the time, I look at a scene and immediately I want to abstract it. I like to look at different forms of eyes and noses and look at the way children draw and capture things and take inspiration from them. My daughter and her universe are among my best sources of inspiration. I ask her what she sees in my paintings, she comes up with most of my titles.

How would you describe what you do with your art?
I have seen lots of painting styles, but I think I’ve got a slightly new style. I’m not a naturalistic painter but I’m not abstract either – I’m trying to do both in my work. When you look at one of my paintings, I want to give the impression of something. Even though what I’m painting might not look anything like the real thing, I want you to be able to look into that painting and get an idea of what it is I’m trying to show. Shefali Ranthe’s Joy of Life is at Sahary Gate, Bastakiya. Until November 5.

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