Essa Walla's Fifty Shades of Chiffon

Our columnist Hatty Pedder checks out exhibition at Studio 8


Where: Essa Walla’s new collection at Studio 8 boutique
When: Wednesday October 10

I was so excited to see Essa Walla’s new Fifty Shades of Chiffon collection at the event – I’d been watching the buzz about it build for hours on Facebook. On arrival at Studio 8 with my blog buddy Marcella we were greeted by hors d’oeuvres and an atmosphere that can only be described as all-out chic. As I took in the milling crowds, it struck me that everyone had chosen to wear rich, vibrant colours, and blended perfectly with the palette of Essa’s sumptuous chiffon collection. The crowd consisted of Dubai’s fashion pack and media, who rubbed shoulders among Essa’s creations.

I scanned the venue and soon found the irresistibly charming and witty Essa, who was unmissable with his long, warrior-like ponytail and cheeky glint in his eye. As I darted forward to give him my congratulations, I noticed his massive nose ring – he looked like a beautiful couture bull.

To finish off the blingy bovine look, his fingers were adorned with heavy-duty black and art-deco diamond rings.

A little later, I got chatting to Aliya Tair, a stylist who rocks a sharp, glossy bowl haircut. She looks like a super-powered manga character with her large eyes. Later I caught Alia striking a pose with Essa and knew I’d found my first ink subjects.

Then there was Bong Guerrero, managing partner of marketing group Brag. He chatted to Marcella while I clicked some photos of them looking sanguine. I’m going to ink you soon, Bong… Dubai’s party people, it seems, are now aware of my little obsession and often ask if they are going to be inked. What fun!

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