PINKO A/W fashion event in Dubai

Dubai artist Hatty Pedder visits Giannino event


What: PINKO A/W fashion event.
Where: Giannino, Meydan Beach Club, JBR.
When: October 23.

Finally the Pinko event arrived, and this time my blog buddy Marcela and I were accompanied by one of my oldest, dearest friends: Kiwi fashion director Mandi Kingsbury. She looked amazing, wearing a wonderful full-length glove on one arm with a fringe down one side for a touch of decadent glamour. On anyone else it would probably have looked odd, but Mandi is one of those truly arty people who can effortlessly carry off what I like to call ‘eccentric chic’.

Among the crowds of usual suspects, there were some people I hadn’t seen for centuries, including my dear friend Yanni Wong, founder of Yanni Ladies’ and Gents’ Salon. Yanni and I spotted a young fashion fan sporting a pair of to-die-for golden boots. We were just wondering if he was a model or stylist when suddenly the penny dropped.

His name was Andrea Brocca, and as a very young boy he used to visit Yanni’s salon with his mother, where he would doodle and create incredible fashion designs. Yanni pointed out that she’d always thought he was a child prodigy and would become famous. Incredibly, while still at school, Andrea has become the youngest couturier in the Guinness Book of Records.

It didn’t take me long to spot Mandi with her fringed arm waving animatedly among the crowd. She’d been busy tickling the head of Brag managing director Bong Guerrero with her dramatic sleeve.

Then it was time for the show. The models, dressed in Pinko, had initially been mingling with the guests. But eventually they found their positions on stands, where they struck dynamic poses while being blasted by spotlight flashes. The general effect was all very ’70s Austin Powers, with silver glitter balls and a loud ’70s carpet making everything stylishly clash.

It was an evening filled with old friends, the fashion crowd and a great, buzzy vibe.
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