'Faces, Beauty and Passion' exhibition in Dubai

We go out and about with artist and columnist Hatty Pedder


What: Faces: Beauty and Passion exhibition.
Where: XVA Gallery, DIFC.
When: Monday, November 5.

I was particularly excited for this exhibition, because renowned photographer Charney Magri had invited me to take in the event as an actual subject. The exhibition showcases nine portraits of women who are completely passionate about what they do. The event unveiled the collaboration between Faces and Charney to capture the women’s passions through the photographer’s lens, understanding that each and every one of them has her own face of beauty. Even little ol’ me was up there in lights, along with a racing driver, a dancer and a teacher, to name a few.

I arrived with my friend Sally Sarieddine, the founder and designer of LaLaQueen bags. Sally, being super-stylish, was wearing a hat, net tights and carrying one of her LaLaQueen bags – my first inking subject!

As we stepped inside, I was overwhelmed by the huge portraits, one of which was me – gasp – looking like the goddess alter-ego of Hatty. What an image to live up to! Stylist Dennie Passion had given me a Veronica Lake hairstyle that I wished I could have kept forever. The whole experience with the makeover had been such fun, and to see the finished exhibition as a whole was very inspiring.

I finally managed to get through the mass of people congratulating Charney to thank her for my portrait. She looked stunning in an electric-blue dress by Amira Haroom and was accompanied by her little daughter, dressed in pink and carrying a heart-shaped handbag. What a cutie.

After dissecting the evening’s events, I parted company with PR representative Joyce Amil, only to run into my old friend, photographer Gerry O’Lerry. It was a treat because Gerry is normally so busy travelling that I don’t see him much these days.

Before I knew it, the evening was over and I realised we were the last to leave. I couldn’t wait to get started on my sketches. My only query was: where will I hang my huge portrait?
For more of Hatty’s sketches and blog, see www.hattypedder.com.

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