Hatty Pedder visits Cirque du Soleil

Dubai artists visits the circus


What: Dralion by Cirque du Soleil.
Where: Dubai World Trade Centre.
When: Wednesday February 13.

I headed out last week for another blogging adventure: I’d seen Cirque du Soleil in Dubai a few years ago, so was excited to see if it was as amazing as I remembered. I was with my old friend Leanne Blanckenberg, who works for BMW Middle East: we found our seats and Leanne had a popcorn urge.

Eventually the curtain rose. Two clowns were our hosts: the lady behind us laughed hysterically every time they appeared. I really thought she would explode.

The show commenced with a dramatic entry of earth, fire, water and aerial performers, and the skill and fitness levels were almost unnatural. Leanne and I felt as unfit as ever as we watched the acrobats with their superhero physiques twist into mind-blowing positions. A man with the most defined abs and biggest muscles I’d ever seen was somersaulting and pivoting through a set of rings that he span across the stage. He looked like a Greek god, and I decided he had to be inked.

Flash photography wasn’t allowed during the show, but somehow I still managed to capture my reference material. In the interval, as I looked at Leanne with her feline eyes, I knew I wanted to ink her and took a quick snap.

After the dramatic finale, Leanne and I decided it really was a spectacular show – and almost as good as the last one.
For Hatty’s blog and more of her art, see www.hattypedder.com.

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