Eerie faces in arty places

Eerie faces stare out of a surreal landscape in Al Quoz. It could only be another weird and wonderful exhibition at the Jam Jar Gallery.

In our continuing series of locally based artists, Time Out talks to Diya Ajit who recently collaborated with American art collective Albus Cavus to produce a mural at The Jam Jar.

Did you know about Albus Cavus before the mural? How was it working with them?
I’ve actually been following the individual works of Chor and Pose 2 before but I didn’t know they were part of a wider collective called Albus Cavus and I didn’t know they were travelling the world doing these public art works. It’s been such an experience I didn’t really expect that we’d actually have the opportunity to paint with them, I thought we’d get to learn from them and hang out with them, not actually paint. On one level it’s great to work with them, but on another, as an artist, it’s a very natural feeling to paint with others who paint.

Is there really much of a street art scene here?
At the moment I’d say no, but I think that it will evolve. We’re pretty much the only people doing this out here, so we feel a bit alone. But in another sense we love what we do so we don’t feel like we need to have a community to keep on doing it.

Why does Dubai need more public art pieces?
I think Dubai lacks a lot of character in terms of the urban landscape. It’s very beautiful and clean, but it lacks personality – you don’t get a sense of the people that live in the city by looking in the city. I think that’s what public art does, it reflects that community within a city. It’s great to do this, but it’s been ignited by Albus Cavus, it would of course be essential eventually that we have more local artists because they know the city and have something to express about the place.

See the mural at The Jam Jar, which is on display on the outside of the building. Head to for more info.

Are you an artist based in Dubai and looking for representation? Email, attaching a sample of your work.

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