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Our picks of the week

1 See 50 Portraits at Gulf Photo Plus
See Thu 6.

2 Safwan Dahoul's dreams at Ayyam Gallery
See Sat 8.

3 Learn how to shoot food at Gulf Photo Plus
See Fri 7.

4 Develop your street photography skills at Gulf Photo Plus
See Sun 9.

5 Experience New Visions at Mussawir Gallery
See Mon 10.

Wednesday 5

Captured Moments: A Journey In Watercolour
Having travelled across the world, as well as capturing scenes from here in the Middle East, British artist Trevor Waugh’s exhibition of acrylic and watercolour paintings is a reflection of the wanderer’s keen eye.
Until March 6. The Majilis Gallery, Al Fahidi, Bur Dubai (04 353 6233).

In The Absence of Script
Curated by Noor Al Suwaidi, this group show will see five different artists using mixed media techniques explore the use of text and language in contemporary society. All of the exhibits are entirely new works.
Until March 5. Maraya Art Centre, Block E, Al Qasbar, Sharjah (06 556 6555).

Thursday 6

50 Portraits: Gregory Heisler
The iconic US portrait photographer, whose images have been used for over 70 covers of Time magazine, will be exhibiting 50 of his famous works from his new book to coincide with GPP2014. Heisler, who has photographed Mohammad Ali and Julia Roberts, as well as a famously controversial snap of President George W Bush, where he used a pioneering technique to capture two faces of the former American leader without his knowledge, he was banned from The White House for two years as a result. Heisler will also be conducting workshops, talks and seminars as part of the festival.
7pm. Until April 19. Gulf Photo Plus, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz (04 380 8545).

K Files
Palestinian-Kuwaiti artist Tarek Al-Ghoussein’s collection of objects and personal artefacts explore the nature of family life in the context of ideological politics.
Until March 7. The Third Line, Al Quoz (04 341 1367).

Bolivian artist Roberto Mamani Mamani’s vibrant, multicoloured paintings are inspired by his indigenous South American roots, in particular the traditional symbolism from his culture and Aymaran background.
Until March 8. Artissima Art Gallery, Street 8, Al Quoz (04 380 6479).

Size and Scale Are Not the Same

Eight affordable contemporary Pakistani artists – Rakhshanda Atawar, Rabbania Shirjeel, Rabia Ajaz, Imrana Tanveer, Aleem Dad Khan, Zahra Jewanjee, Julius John and Abdullah Qureshi – will be showcasing their mixed media works, which are loosely related by the interplay between the material and the abstract.
Until March 10. Gallery of Light, Ductac, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha (050 626 5270).

Friday 7

All About You: Great Food
Writing and Food Photography For Bloggers American food blogger Matt Armendariz will be conducting a practical 90 minute seminar about the art of food writing in association with the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. The event will range from conveying a unique point of view to how to write with authenticity and perspective. The evening will close with a Q&A.
Free. 6pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

How To Make Delicious Food Photos
With Your Smartphone Los Angeles-based food photographer Matt Armendariz and author of acclaimed blog will be hosting a seminar on how to create striking images of food, covering props, lighting, surfaces and current trends within the genre. Dhs51. 11.30pm-1am. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

Saturday 8

Almost a Dream
An opportunity to view beautiful, haunting and minimalist paintings by Syrian artist Safwan Dahoul, whose works address the pain he feels towards the conflict in his home country.
Until March 13. Ayyam Gallery, Gate Village, DIFC (04 439 2393).

Dominic Benhura
Zimbabwean artist Dominic Benhura’s Shona stone sculptures were featured in UNICEF’s 2014 calendar, where he was recognised as the charity's artist of the year.
Until March 15. Showcase Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz (04 379 0940).

Introduction To Fashion Photography
New York fashion photographer Lindsay Adler’s one-day course will provide all of the information you need to get yourself started in the world of fashion photography. It covers everything from getting your work published and how to build a compelling portfolio to studio lighting techniques and retouching.
Dhs1,010. 9.30am-5.30pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

Mixed Media
Italian photographer Sara Lando will be hosting a fun, one-day class, where you can learn how to create mixed media photography and blend techniques.
Dhs1,010. 9pm-6pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

The Passionate Photographer – 10 Steps To Becoming Great
The Canadian photographer Steve Simon will be teaching participants in this course how to use a ten-step approach to taking your photography to the next level. The workshop will include Simon’s philosophy and deconstruction of the elements that make a photographer great.
Dhs918. 9.30am-6pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

Sunday 9

Discover Your Unique Voice In Street Photography
This three-day workshop is offering lots of one-on-one time with LA-based street photographer Eric Kim, who will be developing your ability to create substantial, long-term projects. Participants will be expected to work on one specific project throughout the course, which will culminate in you presenting your project to the other members of the group.
Dhs2,755. Today 8am-4pm, Mon 9am-5pm, Tue 9.30am-5.30pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

In-Depth Food Photography
Matt Armendariz, the LA-based food blogger will be conducting a two-day course about food photography, covering equipment, props and colour balance to capturing images of food that is challenging to shoot as well as current and past trends and retouching techniques.
Dhs2,993. Sun 9am-5pm, Mon 9am-5pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

Nasser Al Aswadi
The Yemeni painter’s works are inspired by the Arab Spring and abstract patterns based on his relationship with religious symbolism, calligraphy and language. The show is his first solo exhibition here.
Until March 13. Jamm Art, Al Quoz (04 328 5169).

Shoot the Street
The man behind influential blog, David Nightingale will be teaching a hands-on workshop designed to give you the skills needed to shoot compelling images of the streets of Dubai. The first day of the course will cover how to get the most out of your camera, including covering challenging light conditions, working with exposure, depth of field and how to shoot a coherent sequence of images. The second day of the course will cover post production techniques. To participate in the course, you will need to own a digital SLR as well as having experience of using Adobe Photoshop.
Dhs1,084. Sun 7am-3.30pm and Mon 2pm-5pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

Monday 10

Lighting: One, Two, Three
US commercial photographer Bobbi Lane will be revealing the secrets behind how to understand and control studio lighting and as the intricacies of lighting faces and how this can define the face.
Dhs1,047. 9am-6pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

New Vision
 This exhibition of five of Pakistan’s emerging female art talent includes works by Anam Afzal Zaidi, who’s work focuses on the fragile nature of women, Dua Abbas, who explores the roles of women in folklore and myth, Sarah Hashmi, whose work is inspired by a verse in Lao Tzu’s book Tao Te Ching and Saba Zahid, with her dark Goya-like paintings that are influenced by the writings of Edgar Alan Poe.
Until March 27. Mussawir Gallery, Al Quoz 1 (04 3881 663).

The Intergalactic$
This space-themed retro exhibition of mixed media artworks by British artist Jim Wheat will involve the artist giving away pieces of artwork and also then donating a portion of the money that he makes from his creations to charity.
Until March 29. Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City (04 427 1000).

Tuesday 11

Fine Art Photography
The Arizona-based fine art photographer Brooke Shaden specialises in creating new worlds through photography. Her special two-day workshop will commence with a lecture on finding your style, followed by creative exercises before heading out on location and then returning to the review the participants’ portfolios.
Dhs2,388. Today 9am-5pm, Wed 9am-3pm. Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, Dubai Media City, (04 380 8545).

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