Upcoming Dubai art guide

Key exhibitions and events in March and April

Al Quoz

1x1 Art Gallery
Over-Look-Over (Empty 10), March 18-April 30
Showcasing works by emerging artists Lujin Yoon from South Korea and Dubai-based Cristiana de Marchi, alongside the internationally acclaimed Mohammed Kazam, this exhibition investigates issues of politics and the environment and their social relapse from a detached perspective that avoids direct judgment.
Open Sat-Thu 11am-7pm (by appointment). Empty 10, Al Quoz Industrial 3, Street 8, Warehouse No.10.

Viewing room exhibition, March 18-April 20
Contemporary Indian art is alive today with a sense of multiple possibilities. While the painting maintains its primacy and visibility, many Indian artists have extended themselves into inter-media forms, engaging with installation and assemblage, photography and performance, video works and sound pieces. An eclectic collection of such pieces will be on display including work from Bose Kirshnamachari, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Parul Thacker and Riyas Komu.
Open Sat-Thu 11am-7pm (by appointment). 1x1 Art Gallery. Open Sat-Thu 11am-8.30pm. Warehouse number 4, plot 364-22 Al Marabea Street, Al Quoz, www.1x1artgallery.com (04 341 1287).

Courtyard Gallery
Pop Wall, March 15
In collaboration with London’s Graffik Gallery, Courtyard Gallery will present its first ever Pop exhibition featuring artists from the UK and the Middle East. The exhibition will highlight different types of Pop and graffiti art that represents the wide spectrum of the artists’ different backgrounds.
Courtyard Gallery. Open Sun-Thu 10am-6pm. Off Sheikh Zayed Road, interchange 3, Al Quoz 3, Street 6a, www.courtyardgallerydubai.com (04 347 9090).

Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde
Fictionville, March 20, 6.30pm
To celebrate the publication of Fictionville, Rokni Haerizadeh’s first monograph, Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde is hosting a book launch that will include a conversation between senior editor Negar Azimi, curator Tina Kukielski and Rokni himself. The 34-year-old Dubai-based artist is perhaps best known for painterly tableaux, the subject matter of which draws from weddings, galas, murders, parades, funerals, riots and revolutions. His human forms – often very large and wildly expressionist – turn a crooked lens onto the madness of contemporary society.
Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah. Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde. Open Sat-Thu 10am-7pm. Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, www.ivde.net (04 347 9090).

J+A Gallery
Listening Session, March 23, 3pm-8pm
One for all audio enthusiasts out there, Dr. Arne Faerber will give an explanation about the unique and massive design speakers of the world’s most precise and luxurious high-end audio system. Made out of pure marble, and an amazing experience for both the eyes and ears, this will be a unique opportunity to listen to the most sophisticated audio system ever created.

Design Days Dubai
March 17-21
J+A will exhibit for the second year running at Design Days Dubai, presenting four new, innovative designers from Europe, the US and Middle East. Dr. Arne Faerber, a German engineer and designer, and creator of the world’s most precise and luxurious high-end audio systems, Equilibrium, will feature. Rising star of furniture design Shirin Ehya will present her Isafahan Collection, a series of locally manufactured design objects influenced by modernist ideas of shape and regional traditional handicraft. Dubai-based designer K. Michelle Evans will also be on hand to present a series of regionally manufactured rugs, while Brooklyn-based gallery and carpenter’s workshop Sentient Furniture will showcase objects by Iranian head of design Neri Nasseri.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.

Design Springtime
March 29-April 20
Catch all the designers showcased by J+A Gallery at Design Days Dubai as they present their complete portfolios in the serene surroundings of the J+A gallery. This spectacular selection will be supplemented by a number of original rare design pieces from the new collection, including some classic Bauhaus and art deco objects from the first half of the 20th century as well as up-cycled industrial antiques.
J+A Gallery. Open Sat-Thu 10am-7pm. Street 4A, Al Quoz (055 395 0495).

Mussawir Art Gallery
New Visions, March 10-27
Discover four of Pakistan’s most prominent young and emerging female artists at the Mussawir Art Gallery. Annem Afzaal Zaidi presents high-contrast, faceless females in Western dress as an exploration of the challenges of womanhood in Pakistani culture, while Dua Abbas looks at the roles of women in myths and folklore. Sarah Hashmi’s work is filled with symbolic nuances and Saba Zahid has a fascinating collection that portrays women in their daily lives, expressing a sense of surprise or shock.
Mussawir Art Gallery. Open Sat-Thu 11am-7pm. Al Marabea Street, Unit 2, Al Quoz, www.mussawir.com (04 3881 663).

The Third Line
Language Arts, March 17-April 17
Slavs and Tatars are curating the Marker section of Art Dubai and will also present their first solo exhibition in the Middle East at The Third Line Gallery, entitled Language Arts. Based on the performative use of language, the exhibition has already received plenty of critical acclaim after presenting at the Tate Modern in London, MoMA and the Whitney in New York, as well as Centre Pompidou in the French capital, Paris.

The Lost Empire
April 30-May 29
See the results of Fouad Elkoury’s long-running photography project, which uses abandoned Soviet military sites as the inspiration. This is Elkoury’s third solo show at The Third Line and is set to be another great showcase.
The Third Line. Open Sat-Thu 10am-7pm. Near The Courtyard between Marlin Furniture and Spinneys. Al Quoz, www.thethirdline.com (04 341 1367).

Alserkal Avenue

Carbon 12
André Butzer, March 17-April 30
One of Germany’s most relevant contemporary artists, André Butzer hosts a second solo exhibition at Carbon 12, which continues the theme of the mythology of N. This is a place where colours are preserved, despite the thinly painted black and white forms, and where the space is seen as a kind of outer-space Disneyland or unimaginable location.

I hate violence
March 19-22

As part of Art Dubai 2014, Carbon 12 will exhibit Olaf Bernhard Buhmann, André Butzer, Rui Chafes, Gil Heitor Cortesao, Sara Rahbar, Anahita Razmi, and Michael Sailstorfer. Expect monochromatic works in a sepia-hued theme with shocks of red, blue and glistening metallics, as well as everything from Butzer’s chromatically-intense abstract works to Rahbar’s hyper-real bronze sculptures.
Booth A24, Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah. Carbon 12. Open Sat-Thu 11.30am-7pm. Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, www.carbon12dubai.com (04 340 6016).

FN Designs
10/100/1000, March 17-21

The gallery will be presenting this contemporary, community-led programme that will showcase the works of ten designers as part of Design Days Dubai in association with Bloomingdale’s Home and WTD Magazine.
Working with certified wood and natural finishes, each of the selected designers has created their own masterpiece in the form of a stool. Each stool has been reproduced ten times and the collection will be exhibited and sold exclusively at Bloomingdale’s Home for US$1,000 per piece. Participating designers include Bahar Al Bahar, Fatima Al Zaabi, Hatem Hatem and Nada Abu Shaqra.
Bloomingdale’s Home, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai. FN Designs. Open Sat-Thu 10am-6pm, Unit 26, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, www.alserkalavenue.ae (04 3790 490).

Grey Noise
Fahd Burki, March 17-April 30
As the recipient of last year’s prestigious Art Dubai John Jones Art on Paper Award, Fahd Burki, in collaboration with John Jones, will present Yield at Grey Noise Gallery. Expect to see a set of new paintings and sculptures that reflect on the notion of utopia. The work seeks to evoke a sense of temporality, engaging ideas of transience and permeability, both philosophical and formal, by dissolving various foundational dichotomies including man to environment, culture and nature, and figure to ground.

Grey Noise @Art Dubai
March 19-22
Grey Noise, the contemporary art gallery representing a wide selection of artists, with a particular focus on work from South Asia, the Middle East and Europe, is at Art Dubai. The gallery provides emerging and established artists with a platform for ambitious projects and engages in dialogue with the international art community. This year, it will be showcasing the works of Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz, Murad Khan Mumtaz, Hossein Valamanesh, Sara Salman and Michael John Whelan.
Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah. Grey Noise. Open Sun-Thu 11am-7pm. Unit 24, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, www.greynoise.org (04 379 0764).

Mojo Gallery
Archeology of the Spirit, March 17-April 30
Medhat Shafik, an Egyptian artist living in Italy, presents art, poetic language and intellectual reflection that aims to restore beauty, balance, harmony, ethics, dreams, magic and spirituality in this vast and ever-changing world. Curated by Mohamed Abou Elnage, expect to see a wide use of natural materials including cotton, pigmented fabrics and discarded pieces of wood in this fascinating exhibition.
Mojo Gallery. Open Sat-Thu 10am-7pm. Unit 33, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz, www.mojohq.com (04 347 7388).

Showcase Gallery
The Gamcha Project, March 17-April 15
This fascinating project aims to create awareness of construction workers in the community by humanising labourers and highlighting their crucial role in constructing the city of Dubai. Artist Elise Vazelakis was inspired by the colourful headwear of the construction workers, known as Gamcha, and collected these over a period of eight months before weaving them into textiles and incorporating fabrics, photographs of workers and other objects found on construction sites in her work. Not only is this set to be an engaging exhibition, but a portion of the proceeds will also be donated to The Sameness Project’s ‘Water for Workers’ initiative.
Showcase Gallery. Open Sat-Thu 10am-6pm. Unit 35, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1 (04 379 0940).


Cuadro Gallery
Crash, March 17-April 6
This harrowing exhibition explores the gruesome car crashes that so often claim the lives of female teachers that are working in remote villages across Saudi Arabia. Artist Manal Al Dowayan hopes to highlight the perception gap that stands between newspaper reports of such accidents and the actuality of the tragedies, and their aftermath.

Faig Ahmed
Until May 5
A nominee for the 2013 Jameel Prize, sponsored by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Ahmed is Cuadro’s current artist in residence. During the three-month project, Ahmed will reinterpret Azerbaijani rugs in an attempt to disassemble their conventional structure by superimposing digital patterns into traditional compositions and combining them to create contemporary sculptural forms.

Noor Al Suwaidi
April 9-20
Emirati artist Noor Al Suwaidi’s latest work is influenced by the writings of Anais Nin, which she uses as the basis for a provocative new series of visual landscapes that ooze colour and emotion.

Khalid Al Banna
April 9-20
The work of this emerging Emirati artist is inspired by local events in the Middle East and are often composed of local fabrics. His studies in architecture are reflected in his unique play on form and structure.

Urban Reflections
April 23-May 17
Presenting works by different artists across different locations, this exhibition has a little something for everyone. Nadine Kanso presents a photographic exploration of Beirut seascapes in nostalgic black and white. Vikram Divecha presents photographs of reflective windows of modern skyscrapers in Dubai that capture the mirror image of older buildings. Jacob Fellander’s inaugural show in the Middle East consists of large-scale photographs of cityscapes, while Zeinab Al Hashemi rearranges satellite images of the Abu Dhabi landscape to form kaleidoscope patterns.
Cuadro Gallery. Open Sun-Thu 10am-8pm, Sat noon-6pm. Gate Village 10, 312th Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, www.cuadroart.com (04 425 0400).

Opera gallery
Abstract Art, March 11-25
An exhibition featuring abstract work from some of the greatest artists of the century. Utilising a visual language of forms, colours and lines to create compositions with a degree of independence from the world’s visual references, this show will feature artists including the likes of Joan Miró, Jean Dubuffet, Sam Francis, Katrin Fridriks, Hans Hartung, Yayoi Kusama, André Lanskoy, Georges Mathieu, Damien Hirst, Umberto Mariani, Marcello Lo Giudice, Oli G. Johannsson and Eduardo Guelfenbein.
Opera Gallery. Open Sun-Thu 10am-10pm, Fri 4.30pm-11pm, Sat noon-11pm. Gate Village 3, DIFC, www.operagallery.com (04 323 0909).

Other areas

Pro Art Gallery
Spirituality in Motion, March 12-30
Showcasing the works of Iranian artists Hossein Irandoust, this is the second edition of a sold-out show that was held at Pro Art Gallery last year and explores the essence of the mystical dimension of Islam and Sufism practice depicted in paintings. Working in his own unique style, Irandoust combines minimalism and the simplicity of the mystical philosophy of renowned Persian poets and respected philosophers.
Pro Art Gallery. Open Sat-Thu 10am-9pm, Fri 2pm-8pm. Palm Strip Mall, F21 First Floor, Jumeirah Beach Road www.proartuae.com (04 345 0900).

Tashkeel at Design Days Dubai 2014, March 17-21
Known for its commitment to fostering local talent in the UAE, Tashkeel is supporting three young Emirati designers to develop a range of products that will be exhibited at this year’s Design Days Dubai. Latifa Saeed is an Emirati artist and designer who works across the fields of fine art, graphic design, advertising, branding and product design, who is known for her experimental approach to projects. Salem Al Mansoori is an interdisciplinary artist who produces work that is designed to cross disciplines, and his projects vary from digital fabrication and data visualisation to algorithm-based visual art installations. The third and final artist is Dubai-based Zeinab Al Hashemi who focuses on visual storytelling in conceptual art and site-specific installations. Each artist has been working independently on their prototypes while enjoying regular support and interaction from Tashkeel.
Downtown Dubai.

Turning Point
March 13- April 30
This unique exhibition will comprise works in progress and pieces that help to shed light on the creative process as a whole. Expect to see sketches, photographs, unedited videos, maquettes and Polaroids that represent a point of realisation in the production process.

A.i.R Dubai 2014 Open Studios
March 15-25
The culmination of a three-month residency, A.i.R will show works from Emirati artists Maitha Demitha, Maryam Al Qassimi and Sara Al Haddad, and their international contemporaries, Tunisian artist Nadia Ayari and Sunod Damdoaran of India. Now in its fourth edition, the annual exhibition will be held parallel to the SIKKA Art Fair.
House 11, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Also on display at Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah, March 19-22.

The Cassette Tape Project
March 15-25
This is a fascinating project that uses cassette tapes as a reflection of both popular culture in the UAE throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, and of the dreams and aspirations of a young female living in the country. Photographer, blogger and cultural writer Hind Mezaina takes visitors on a journey that combines images, actual cassette tapes, short films and photographs.
SIKKA Art Fair, Tashkeel Bastakiya, House 10, Bur Dubai.

Ruben Sanchez and Maitha Demithan
March 19-22
Tashkeel will present the vibrant street and skate origins of Barcelona-based urban artist Ruben Sanchez through new sculptures combined with distinctive scenography portraits from emerging Emirati artist Maitha Demithan.
Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah. Tashkeel. Open Sat-Thu 8am-10pm. 5 Nad Al Sheba Road, Nad Al Sheba 1, www.tashkeel.org (04 336 3313).

The Majlis Gallery
Guided by Gaia, March 15-April 17
The Gaia Hypothesis proposes that the earth is a self-regulating complex organism that has the ability to interact with other organic and inorganic substances to repair and maintain itself in optimum condition in
order to harbour life. Man is arrogant enough to see himself as the pinnacle of life on earth and as such has a responsibility to work with Gaia to keep this little blue dot alive. If man fails, Gaia will simply remove him. Lynette ten Krooden and Daragh Muldowney are showcasing their work, supported by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and as part of the upcoming UAE Green Festival.
The Majlis Gallery. Open Sat-Thu 9am-6pm, Al Fahidi, Bur Dubai, www.themajlisgallery.com (04 353 1367).

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