Top Dubai art events this week

Essential cultural happenings, March 26-April 1

Our picks of the week

1 Abdulnasser Gharem at Ayyam Gallery
See Sat 29.

2 Delve into Language Arts at Third Line Gallery
See Fri 28.

3 Art inspired by labourers at Showcase Gallery
See Tue 1.

4 Drift into Andean Dreams at Artissima Gallery
See Thu 27.

5 See Amir Hossen's works at Salsali Private Museum
See Wed 26.

Wednesday 26

Amir Hossein Zanjani at Salsali Private Museum
The striking, expressionistic brush strokes of this Iranian painter are filled with stories shadowed in the philosophical and social idea of submission to power, turning an eye on the dynamics of mass parades, class differentiation, and inequality. Zanjani's evocative works are steeped in loneliness, desolation and strife, with one installation focusing solely on the faces of soldiers.
Until August 17. Salsali Private Museum, Alserkal, Al Quoz (04 380 9600).

Thursday 27

In collaboration with the Campus Art Dubai 2.0 programme, Pakistani artist-in-residence Ferwa Ibrahim uses video to explore the body and the world it inhabits in relation to home, displacement and belonging.
Until April 7. Thejamjar, Al Quoz (04 341 7303).

Andean Dreams – Master Weaving from Peru
Imagination is woven into the intricate, three-dimensional effects of these designs from Peruvian master weaver Eddie Sulca, whose grandfather Ambrosio was an award-winning weaver himself. Having begun his career at the age of eight in the Andean city of Ayacucho, Peru, Sulca incorporates traditions handed down through his family with patterns from ancient cultures.
Until April 8. Artissima Gallery, Al Quoz (04 380 6479).

Friday 28

Slavs and Tatars: Language Arts
Slavs and Tatars is an art collective that uses humour to make light of topics concerning identity and post-colonialism as it pertains to Slavs, Caucasians and Central Asians. In this case, the artists combine mediums to challenge the use of language semantics, scripts and alphabet while also using language as a tool to address cultural and political values.
Until April 17. Third Line Gallery, Al Quoz (04 341 1367).

Horses take the stage alongside acrobats, aerialists, riders, dancers and musicians in this choreographed multimedia equestrian spectacle, which has been referred to as an 'equestrian ballet'.
From Dhs175. Shows at 5pm, 8pm and 9.30pm. Until March 28. Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 341 7303).

Discovering Visions with a Trapped Memory
Egyptian artist Essam Marouf paints from recollections of images and snapshots of people that haunt his subconscious and incite varied emotions from him.
Until April 20. Gallery Ward, near The Courtyard, Al Quoz (04 388 3204).

Saturday 29

Al Sahwa: The Awakening
The conceptual artist best known for his 2010 installation 'Message/Messenger', Abdulnasser Gharem has been known to push boundaries in his home country of Saudi Arabia, wrapping himself around a tree in plastic to illustrate how importing them was damaging indigenous varieties. His work on Al Sahwa is meant to be an awakening for the Middle East to embrace tolerance towards art.
Until April 30. Ayyam Gallery, Gate Village, DIFC (04 439 2395).

Sunday 30

Happy Lucky: Robert Hammond
Using glossy and reflective materials, such as steel and thick acrylic, Hammond's work veers away from the surface and focuses on reflection and how light interacts with the point where metal and glass meet. He combines modern interfaces with simple shapes, symbols and smiling faces as ordered motifs that resonate.
Until April 18. Art Sawa, Gate Village, DIFC (04 345 0900).

Monday 31

Tashkeel presents Turning Point
More than a dozen regionally based talents present their works-in- progress at this Tashkeel exhibition, which shows how artists use various media to document their creative process with drawings, photographic narratives and photo negatives from failed shoots, all portraits of creative experimentation otherwise hidden by the confines of a studio.
Until April 30. Tashkeel, Nad Al Sheba (04 336 3313).

Tuesday 1

Crossings: Archeology of the Spirit
Using an array of natural, sometimes unlikely materials such as cotton paper and pigmented fabrics, Italy-based Egyptian artist Medhat Shafik's abstract yet distinct works focus on the metaphors of globalisation, freedom and alienation.
Until April 30. Mojo Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz (04 323 6367).

The Gamcha Project
Ever been distracted by the colourful headwear worn by labourers? So was Elise Vazelakis, an American artist based in Dubai. She collected these headcloths, known as 'gamchas' and has woven them together as a visual depiction of Dubai, using photos of the workers and objects she came across.
Until April 15. Showcase Gallery, Alserkal, Al Quoz (04 379 0940).

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