Yas Marina art show

Dubai’s Swiss Art Gate is illuminating the Yas Viceroy in Abu Dhabi

Bright and beautful: View these electric works of art
Bright and beautful: View these electric works of art
Fiona Ai Bubble
Fiona Ai Bubble

Dubai’s Swiss Art Gate is illuminating the Yas Viceroy in Abu Dhabi this summer with a temporary exhibition by the mixed media artist Fiona Ai Bubble. Be enlightened.

From now until Saturday August 9 visitors to the Yas Viceroy in Abu Dhabi can see a display of 15 electrifying works by Fiona Ai Bubble, a Brazil-born artist from Monaco. A student of Parsons The New School for Design Fiona uses mixed media to create psychedelic canvases that are fluid and organic, enhanced by digital technology.

The large, neon-coloured pieces resemble the ink blots created by the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, which he used for psychological evaluations. Like the ink blots works, Fiona’s art lights up with electric energy. We caught up with the artist to find out how she creates these kaleidoscopic works.

Can you talk us through your artistic process?
My process is multi-layered, just like the works themselves. I start by meditating. I visualise from my third eye, which is the symbolic space at the centre of the forehead from where, it is commonly believed, people possess a sense of perception. The images that appear from this practice are like fragments or clues that I use as starting points for the piece. These intuitions often have to do with translating my own experiences and understandings to the canvas.

After gathering my materials I start the piece with drawings and paintings. Then I’ll begin to work on a computer. I play with the design until I feel it’s ready and then I print it out onto canvas, where I continue to add to the work. I prime the surface with a base coat so that any additional paint on top does not smudge the print, then I add acrylic paint, varnish and glitter powder. I feel that these steps and materials link the virtual world with the visual world.

What inspires you?
I find my inspiration mainly from my life experiences. They provide me with many of the ideas that fuel my work. Also, many of my works are inspired by Buddhism.

Tell us about your latest exhibition...
The exhibition is titled Crystallisation and is organised by Swiss Art Gate UAE. The works titled Sakura 5 and Tribute 2 Love relate to the idea that love needs to first be found within and then spread outside ourselves. I hope the viewers have a familiar feeling about the images but also a magical feeling.

Which artists do you look up to and why?
I admire artists whose work flows from their life experience and individuality. I like to be able to walk into a show and understand the complexity of the creator. Leonardo da Vinci, Kandinsky and Joan Miró; Vincent Van Gogh, Constantin Brâncusi and Louise Bourgeois; Yayoi Kusama, Bill Viola and Marina Abramovic, and Hiroshi Sugimoto. In terms of influence, I believe that Japanese and Chinese art echoes my sense of aesthetic but I translate it in to a more futuristic visual image.

Have you always worked in this style, or did you practise more traditional mediums before evolving into this aesthetic?
My relationship to creation has always been evolving. I started with pen and pencil, just sketching and drawing. Then I moved to watercolours and ink painting. I also gave sculpture a try. Later, when I studied design at Parsons Paris [The New School for Design in Paris and New York] I learned about photography and digital media. From there I began to mix the disciplines to form the style that I work in today.
Works start from Dhs20,200. For details, contact Kurt Blum at Swiss Art Gate UAE, www.swissartgateuae.com (04 395 8782).

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