Juliet Makhlouf art exhibit in Dubai

Syrian artist merges science and pop visuals for Meem Gallery show


Syrian artist Juliet Makhlouf’s is to present a new solo exhibition of paintings at the Meem Gallery in Dubai.

Melding science and pop visual geometry, Makhlouf’s paintings are carefully articulated renditions of shape and colour that invite the viewer to be optically intrigued by the intricately constructed illusions of geometric shape and form.

Dubai-based Makhlouf had studied science before becoming an artist and the interest in the precision of shape and form are manifest here. Her move from figuration to linear abstraction, a definitive departure into new territory, is clear. Dramatically different in style from her previous work, Makhlouf’s exhibition is a continuation of her exploration of movement and form, and should be read as spontaneous expressions of the artist’s own creative and intellectual process.

These abstract compositions provoke the viewer to follow the movement that occurs on the canvas as one’s eyes sweep across the bright shades and intoxicating hues; yellows, blues, reds and oranges juxtapose one another with frantic energy. A sensation of positive energy is felt by the viewer when viewing Makhlouf’s paintings, which appear to dance with life and a sense of hope.

Makhlouf’s thoughtful understanding of captivating work developed during her considerable career as an art teacher.

The exhibition starts on May 4th and runs until May 21.

For more information visit www.meemartgallery.com or call 04 340 1640.

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