Junk to funk upcycling service

Dubai graffiti artist Sya One transforms old furniture and recycled materials into bespoke items for your home

Step 1
Visualising the concept

“I make picnic tables to order from random bits of timber and pallets that I find. Sometimes I’ll get a table that needs some love and I’ll decide what to do with it once it’s in front of me. I will always sketch out an idea if its being made from scratch.”

Step 2
Preparing the materials

“Taking things apart and checking the materials is the next step. I then figure out what I can use from the old item and what I can use from my random bits, which are pieces of timber I’ve either found or bought. Then I begin sanding and cleaning so I have a good base to work from.”

Step 3
The transformation begins

“For this table, the materials are big and chunky and look cool, twisted and warped. The raw look still lasts even after sanding and with a coat of varnish. It will last in Dubai’s climate and resist normal wear and tear.”

Step 4
Getting funky

“The process takes a lot of patience and hard work, and is heaps of fun. Basically a lot of cups of tea and just an idea in my head to make something a bit different without restrictions makes the end result.”

Five more...

Sya One talks us through more of his rags to riches-style creations. Prices on request, email junktofunk@outlook.com.

Taxi sign lamp

“Taxis can never find my house in Dubai, so this lamp was made to sit outside our house as a marker for our location.”

Hard hat pendant light

“The plastic gives off a cool orange glow. I bought the hat from a hardware store to cover a light in my home.”

Reclining chair

“This was made from plastic pallets and leftover wood and was painted by my wife Steffi Bow.”

Bar stool upgrades

“The idea is to just create things that you won’t find in stores. They’re things that happened by accident.”

Watering can light

“I have always had a passion to make things from anything that I find lying around.”

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