Emirati photographer Mohamed Al Jaberi interview

<em>Time Out Dubai<\em> has a Mohamed Al Jaberi interview. The Emirati photographer's exhibit at Grand Hyatt Dubai is pictures of Dubai and life in the UAE

Emirati fine art, nature and landscape photographer Mohamed Al Jaberi is inspired by travelling and is constantly in search of the perfect natural landscape to capture. And he has found it right here in the UAE. His latest exhibition is a series of images, which span a distance of 60 metres in the indoor gardens at the Grand Hyatt Dubai. The works are on display until January 31, 2016.

Living in Al Ain, Al Jaberi began his journey in photography seven years ago. His works evoke a sense of serenity and showcase the local culture and traditions of the UAE. A black and white image (pictured right) sees a group of men riding camels in the desert at the race track in Al Ain. “This shot shows something very specific about Emirati culture and heritage that not everyone knows about. I captured this picture lying on the ground as I feel that the angle adds more beauty to the scene,” Al Jaberi says.

Here, he talks us through three more images, too.

“This was taken at Qasr Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi last year, and it aims to remind us of the history of our country. For me, this lady represents our ancestors. She was creating a traditional dress called a mokhawar in Emirati dialect. Years ago, women worked in the UAE, which might have been uncommon in other GCC countries.”

“The gaze of this old man really attracted me. His beard and his wrinkles were telling me stories. You can see by looking into his eyes that he is an experienced man who has seen the world and the UAE changing. I also like that the surrounding is very minimalistic and simple and this is how our ancestors used to live.”

“This was taken during sunset in my home town in Al Ain. I love to take pictures at sunset or at dawn. However, it is very difficult because we only have a few seconds to take the picture before the sun disappears. I capture natural landscapes and I think that this really shows the beauty of our country.”

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