Gulf Photo Plus workships worth joining

Time Out Dubai profiles briefly some of the Gulf Photo Plus workships worth joining. GPP 2016 is part of Dubai Photo Week and runs February 4-12

Whether you are a budding photographer, seasoned pro or just an admirer of the art, there’s no better place to develop your picture-taking skills (even if you just want to master the perfect Instagram snap) than at Dubai Photo Week. Taking place from Thursday February 4 to Friday 12, the event will feature more than 40 workshops, seminars and free talks by 14 of the world’s leading photographers. Some of the industry’s biggest names, including editorial and street photographer Zach Arias and architectural and fine art photographer Mike Kelley, will share their technical and creative skills with the public through a series of masterclasses and photoshoots, and Photo Friday will offer a day of 16 different 90-minute seminars and panel discussions. On this day, participants also get exclusive offers on camera equipment. Here, we choose four workshops not to be missed…

Urban Landscapes and Post-processing
Led by travel photographer Elia Locardi, this two-day workshop will walk students through the technical and creative skills needed to forge an incredible image while shooting Dubai’s landscape, both in-the-field and in post-processing using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and blending, layering and colour correction techniques.
US$350 (Dhs1,285). Thu February 11, 7pm; Fri February 12, 4pm.

The 10-minute portrait

This workshop by Andrew Hetherington aims to teach instruct on how to capture a portrait in ten minutes. Hetherington has worked for magazines including The Hollywood Reporter and GQ.
US$395 (Dhs1,450). Sat February 6, 9am-6pm.

Street photography in Dubai

Renowned street photographer Steve Simon’s masterclass, limited to ten places, will explore the art of capturing urban landscapes.
US$590 (Dhs2,167). Sun February 7, 8.30am-6pm; Mon February 8, 5.30am-3pm.

One Light

This workshop will show students how to use lighting in practical day-to-day shooting. Led by American photographer Zach Arias, students will learn how to take creative and compelling portraits.
US$375 (Dhs1,377). Mon February 8, 9am-5.30pm.

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