Time Out Dubai best amateur photographer competition

Time Out Dubai best amateur photographer competition has been launched, in association with Photography LIVE. Submit your best pictures of Dubai

UPDATE: In March, Time Out Dubai launched their search for Dubai’s best amateur photographer, and the response has been terrific.

Across all three categories - People, Places, Things - entries have had our panel of judges in awe of the skills on show. The very essence of the competition has been captured brilliantly by all the entrants, and we enter the final three weeks with huge anticipation at what more is to come.

In fact, so impressed have the experts been, that Canon have come on board and put three EOS 7D Mark II cameras up for grabs for the photographer of the best image in each category. The team at Canon Middle East will also print the selected 15 images for the exhibition at Photography Live.

'Built for those with a love of speed. Be the first to capture the extraordinary, and grab the moments that other photographers miss. Whether it’s stills or movies, express your creative side like never before.'
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Please note our updated T&Cs below, effective as of April 1


In conjunction with Photography LIVE, the region’s only international event for the photography, videography and imaging industry, today, we’ve launched a competition to find Dubai’s best amateur photographers. And we mean real photographers – there will be no Gingham, Juno, Ludwig, Hudson or Willow to help here.

Winners in three categories – People, Places, Things – will show a true understanding of what makes the perfect photograph. A lot of that will be intuition and being in the right place at the right time, but it also means displaying creativity and imagination, and uncovering a different story around a common theme.

Don't just capture a moment, capture the feeling of it; the best way to do this is through the expressions of those involved. Images can feature one or many people in a variety of different contexts, from the diverse to the common, and from social to individual. Consider the cultural and aesthetic qualities not just of your subject(s) but also their surroundings. What does the person say about the situation? There are billions of faces in the world, each one of them different; use them to help tell your story.
RULES: An individual or group of individuals has to be the main focus of the image rather than a contributing factor to something else. If they are not the focus, does the image belong in another category? Like...

It's a big wide world out there, and Dubai is a microcosm of it all. From the breathtaking architecture to the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the desert. And what about the coastline? Or the port? All of these places contain their own little bits of beauty, all bathed in different shades of light and under varying degrees of occupancy. But what story will you find?
RULES: Every part of a place is equal to the other. Nothing stand out from the crowd - the devil here, is very much in the detail.

How can a pencil stand alongside the Burj Khalifa? What if that pencil had just signed off the next great novel? Or helped a child scribble their first word? It's these things we're looking for. The canvas in this category really is blank, but the chance of making the seemingly mundane, is yours to conquer. A discarded trash bag is worth as much as the neon light of a brand new bar, and a deflated football carries the same weight as one arrowed for the top corner in a World Cup final.
RULES: There are none. If it doesn't fit into People or Places, most likely it fits here.

The 15 best images will be exhibited at Photography LIVE (Saturday May 7 to Monday 9 at Dubai World Centre) alongside industry leaders from all over the world – you’ll be lining up with Canon, Nikon, FujiFilm, Sony, PhaseOne and more, as well as gain access to seminars, workshops and demos from renowned photographers.

Our panel of internationally qualified judges will choose a final three to be moved to Monda Gallery, The Dubai Mall, which will officially make those chosen Published Photographers.

ENTER: Full resolution images are to be submitted as a compressed file to matt.fortune@itp.com, along with:
- Name
- Location where the photo was taken
- A description of the image, up to 50 words

There are a few terms and conditions (detailed below), namely that all images must be shot in the United Arab Emirates using a DSLR (no camera phones).

- Submissions much be 'photo-realistic'. We understand some editing may be required, but this should only be in the interest of delivering the best from that shot, rather than creating something altogether different.
- As outlined in a competition by designcrowd.com, 'you may use post-capture editing to enhance an illusion or effect, but not create the illusion or effect'.
- All entrants assume responsibility for the subjects of their submissions, that is the right permissions have been sought by those who appear. Time Out Dubai and Photography LIVE are in no way liable for the above.
- Submissions are received on the assumption that the entrant is the sole owner of the image, or have the necessary documentation confirming as such.
- Submissions are to adhere to the sensitivities of local customs and traditions.
- No personal data or personal revelations regarding security, health and social standing should be depicted.
- The photographer will remain the author of their entries, though by submitting grant permission to Time Out Dubai and Photography LIVE to use the image in any relevant editorial, promotional and marketing material in future photography competitions.
- The competition runs from March 9 to April 25 and is open to anyone over the age of 18 who doesn't earn their living from photography.
- The Editor's decision is final
- Canon will receive the name, mobile, email address and access to the photographs submitted
- Only one entry to be submitted per person, per category

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