Dubai's best amateur photographer - final 15

Time Out teamed up with Photography Live to help find Dubai's best amateur photographer. Here we look at the final 15 who will exhibit at the event

After thousands of entries into Time Out's search for Dubai's best amateur photographer, the shortlisted 15 are announced, all of whom will be exhibited in May.

Across all three categories - People, Places, Things - entries flooded in, with the very essence of the competition captured brilliantly by all the entrants.

In conjunction with Photography LIVE, the region’s only international event for the photography, videography and imaging industry, we are delighted to reveal the images chosen by our panel of experts.

These winners showed a true understanding of what makes the perfect photograph and we are delighted to confirm they will be featured at Photography LIVE from May 7-9 - to register for the event, click here - as well as in Monda Gallery afterwards. The winning prints will be done by Canon Middle East.

What we asked for:
Don't just capture a moment, capture the feeling of it; the best way to do this is through the expressions of those involved. Images can feature one or many people in a variety of different contexts, from the diverse to the common, and from social to individual. Consider the cultural and aesthetic qualities not just of your subject(s) but also their surroundings.

In Search of Livelihood, by Shadab Ali
This is a dramatic portrayal of the pedestrian bridge across Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Rd connecting Fruit & Vegetable Market and International City. Hundreds of workers of all nationalities use this bridge to go searching for their daily livelihoods. Before this vital link came up, pedestrians and cyclists had to brave heavy traffic to cross the road.

Dhow pilot, by Nick Kraal
After exchanges in the universal language of smiles, I found myself on the dhow bridge.

Man and wheelbarrow, by Marlon Omandal
As this man retrived fish from the stock area, he wore a very interesting facial expression.

Dubai Color Run, by Roger Alfonso
This larger than life party is equipped with music, dancing, and massive color throws, which create millions of vivid color combinations.

The Call To Prayer, by Rainier Medina
Amidst the busy time, these two members of an event crew find time to pray.

What we asked for:
It's a big wide world out there, and Dubai is a microcosm of it all. From the breathtaking architecture to the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the desert. And what about the coastline? Or the port? All of these places contain their own little bits of beauty, all bathed in different shades of light and under varying degrees of occupancy. But what story will you find?

Window Cleaner, by Teovel Iradon
A window cleaner works at the Burj Khalifa on a foggy morning.

Grandeur, by Vladimire Lapuz
Journey to success; each window represents a vast opportunities waiting for us.

Desert ripples, by Vishaal Ganesh
A-lone. This shot was originally set up to be deleted before it became something of an experiment. 

Bastakiya rooftops, by Ahmed Qadri
After seeing and capturing the towering modern skyscrapers in Dubai, I decided it was time to go for a photowalk in Al Bastakiya and capture some of the more traditional architecture that started it all.

Beneath the bridge, by Waheed Akhtar
Vision; I can also see the shape 'V' starting from middle top of this photo.

What we asked for:
How can a pencil stand alongside the Burj Khalifa? What if that pencil had just signed off the next great novel? Or helped a child scribble their first word? It's these things we're looking for. The canvas in this category really is blank, but the chance of making the seemingly mundane, is yours to conquer. A discarded trash bag is worth as much as the neon light of a brand new bar, and a deflated football carries the same weight as one arrowed for the top corner in a World Cup final.

The Swan, by Mohamed El Brombaly

Global Village boat, by Al Chester Roa
Global Village is a tourist attraction in Dubai showcasing a great many nations' cultures. This image is a boat passing through the network of canals and under a bridge. It was a remarkable experience.

Old Cart, by Ali Mashaal
The Emirati heritage of transporting goods is shown, highlighting the greatness of the nation and of its delevopment.

Pottery, by Edcel Cabalan

Ash, by Imam Syahadat

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