Dubai Opera - should there be a strict dress code?

Time Out asks, should there be a strict dress code at Dubai Opera? Find out what you should wear to Dubai Opera, the new concert venue in Downtown

With a week to go until launch, and a first official image having been released, it was with great excitement that team Time Out discussed their Dubai Opera opening night outfits.

And then we checked the official website, discovering to our eternal consternation, that there was no specific dress code!

'Outrage', one shouted. 'Disgrace', another said. 'But I want to wear my fancy suit,' came a third.

Dismayed, we got ready to write an angry email. Then someone decided to check the rules at the iconic venues alongside which our newest landmark now stands, only to discover that the likes of Sydney Opera House, Royal Albert Hall and The Metropolitan Opera had exactly the same rules; i.e there are no, or very few, rules.

In Australia, "in general there is no specific Dress Code for events at the Opera House, however closed shoes must be worn at all times... particularly formal attire such as Black Tie or White Tie is not the norm for general performances."

And in London, "sensible shoes are advised", while at The Met, the official website says, "there is no dress code, but a night at the opera can be a great excuse to get dressed up".

So what do you think? Like us, had you been looking forward to a fancy night on the town, or would you rather the arts were more accessible and operate an 'anything goes' policy?

Let us know below.

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