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Time Out explores Dubai's online art gallery PaintingsOnline, one of the best places to buy affordable in the Middle East

Dominic Beesley delves through the collection of new online art gallery PaintingsOnline

If you’re looking to brighten up your home with some art that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, then the new, Dubai-based online art gallery,, might just be the place to go.

It was set up by Nadine Awad in June this year. “It’s only been live for four months,” she says, “but it’s been a work in progress for several years.”

Before she launched the website, Awad worked as an interior designer. “I was involved in implementing design for hotels, commercial and residential spaces for over a decade, so this felt like a natural progression for me,” she says. “Art is an essential component of any space and adds life to walls.”

The paintings on offer typically cost between Dhs800 and Dhs950 and come in a variety of styles. Whether you want a classical landscape or something more contemporary, such as a pop art portrait of Audrey Hepburn, you should be able to find something to your taste.

And if you’ve looked through the website and still can’t decide what to choose, PaintingsOnline is there to help. “Some customers need guidance, so we ask them to email us photos of their living space and a brief on what they’re trying to achieve – then we’ll put together a selection for them,” Awad says.

The works are all stretched on canvas and are ready to hang, and if you place an order, it’ll be delivered the very same day – something international websites can’t offer.

Here, Awad talks us through ten of her favourite paintings that are available on the site right now.

Arabian Beauty

“This is a large piece depicting a beautiful Arabian horse in acrylic paint, using wide and narrow brush stroke techniques, in a variety of earth-toned shades. It’s suitable for common areas and bedrooms.” Dhs807.

A study in light and dark

“Using fibre threads to create a textured effect, the artist has created a detailed portrait that is sure to provoke thought. A beautiful contrast of black and white merges a portrait and a profile into one image.” Dhs807.

Multicoloured Turtle 2

“A symbol of longevity, this turtle is the perfect addition a kid’s room. This mixed media painting is on an aluminium canvas, which adds a spectacular effect that mimics a rippling water.”  Dhs734.

Skull Pop Art

“Character and humour are brought together in this oversized acrylic on canvas bestseller. Bold strokes of colour, contrasting with inky black paint, are used in this pop art piece to make it a truly modern painting.” Dhs807.


“Accents of metallic gold add light and depth to the painting, and you can create a lovely focal point in your home with this piece. It contrasts modern and vintage styles, and will really bring your room together.” Dhs990.

Emerald Flower

“A perfect complement to any colour scheme, Emerald Flower embraces natural beauty with a hint of rich opulence. It’s a large square piece, with beautiful contrasting gold contours.” Dhs990.

Golden Woods

“If it’s opulence you seek for your living or workspace, Golden Woods will provide a sophisticated touch that will capture attention. The artist uses gold foil on a blank white canvas for a strong visual impact.”  Dhs990.

Taxis In The City

“This mixed media piece is painted on aluminium canvas. The vertical and horizontal strokes in the painting makes it an interesting piece, and allows you to add the streets of New York to your walls.” Dhs660.

Vintage Auto 2

“Start a nostalgic conversation with this playful and vibrant painting. A multimedia square piece, this uses metal and aluminium strip finishes to bring the car to life, giving it a 3D effect.” Dhs990.

Zebra Dots

“A zebra’s stripes are unique to each animal, making this a truly special statement piece. The artist has used a pointillism approach to give it great detail and depth. This large square piece is suitable for common areas.” Dhs1,541.

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