Blue Man Group in Dubai

Iconic art, music and theatre group The Blue Man group at Dubai Opera

We aren’t entirely sure how to describe Blue Man Group. It’s all just a bit… weird. But in a very awesome way.

The art and theatre group formed back in the ’90s (which explains a lot, really) and have since blazed a trail the world over with their brilliant blend of comedy, theatre, rock concert and dance party, all rolled into one unforgettable show that revolves around a mysterious character – the Blue Man. And they’ve done it all without uttering a single word.

“Although the content of the show varies, the mission of every show remains the same – to bring the audience together for a euphoric celebration, a heightened state of being alive,” says co-founder Chris Wink.

Ever-mysterious, they’re staying tight-lipped about the specifics, but those who have seen the show before will be treated to plenty of brand-new content, including new music, stories, custom instruments and state-of-the-art technology to make for a memorable night out.

We can tell you with certainty, however, that the show will involve lots of drumming, plenty of neon lights, definitely three men painted blue, and very possibly some streamers. If you’re seated in the first few rows, you may also be given a poncho. There’s percussion, there’s paint, and there’s a manic finale involving the Blue Men covering the theatre with rolls of toilet paper.

“We believe the Blue Man’s universal message of joyful exuberance and euphoric celebration resonates within all of us,” says Winks. “He appeals to the side of ourselves that we don’t let out that often. He’s sort of a human being turned inside out. In him you see the things usually hidden by our need for social masks.”

Intrigued? We certainly are.

From Dhs195. April 11-15, times vary. Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai (04 440 8888).

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