REVIEW: Spamalot at Dubai Opera

A light-hearted production with some stellar, laugh-out-loud moments

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If countless sarcastic quips, bombastic movements and bellowing voices are your jam, get yourself booked in for an evening with Spamalot, which runs until Saturday May 5.

While it may be a recreation of a classic Monty Python movie, only a few key scenes are snatched from the film, the rest of it being completely original (and absolutely hilarious).

The Tony Award-winning show is written by legendary comedian Eric Idle, who has been entertaining audiences around the world as part of the Monty Python troupe for more than 50 years.

He even wrote the musical score for the show, managing to sneak in Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, which is a treat – even if it feels a tad forced.

It’s like this for most of the scenes taken from the movie, but as soon as it strays into its own creative territory, the musical shines.

Constantly breaking the fourth wall in true Monty Python fashion, even giving a little shout out to Dubai, the cast are very much in their element.

Each brings their own sense of quality humour to the show, whether that be a brilliant delivery of a line or outrageously dramatic movements.

If there’s someone to pick out though, The Lady of the Lake (Sarah Harlington) couldn’t be more of a delight to see on stage. With a voice that seems to have no limits, and hysterically timed movements as she sings, this is the character that should have made it in to the film.

With its tag line literally “a musical (lovingly) ripped off from the motion picture”, audiences can expect coconuts making horse sound effects, the Knights Who Say Ni wanting a shrubbery and, of course, a Black Knight believing a cut off arm is only “a flesh wound”.

What you won’t expect? The Knights of the Round Table actually going to a Las Vegas-style Camelot, King Arthur on a quest to find a star for the musical, and the king’s servant having a major role.

Monty Python films are comedy classics, and it’s nice to get a reminder of how funny they still are.

This comedy troupe has a lot of humour to dish out, and are definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan, and even more so if you have never heard of a Monty Python production before.

The bottom line:
A fantastic musical recreation of a much-beloved comedy.

From Dhs250. Until Sat May 5. Thu 8pm, Fri-Sat 3pm and 8pm. Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai,

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